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One Moore leg GloZell…

This guy, Erwin or something like that comes out of the studios sees me sitting there and says "Don’t you think your pushing it coming here every day" then he walked off. This is the guy who use to open the curtains for Johnny Carson at the Tonight Show.

I wanted to say hey aren’t you pushing it, your job has been over 20 years ago. No one needs you to ride your bike up here and eat all the food in the Green Room. Jay doesn’t even use curtains. The white people at the show are nice, but the brothers haven’t been. (Like Smitty, who walks like a penguin, and not the cute ones from "Happy Feet" - think Batman) I see why Oprah hardly ever has brothers on her show.

I got my ticket today from three nice sisters from Minnesota. Cindy, Paddy and Suzie. Paddy is a Cancer survivor, who loves Ellen and they all decided to go to the Ellen and Tonight show with Jay Leno. They know how to party! We had three cheeses, chips, dip, salsa, triscits, nuts, pepperoni and water, plus they gave me a gift. They got a picture with Jay and had a great time. They also remembered when Ellen talked about me, during her 12 days of Christmas show her first year.

I also met some wild cool people from Gainesville Florida. That’s the town I went to college in. (Go Gators) After the show they got a picture with Jay!

In the audience, before the show, I saw one of my comedy mentors from Florida. I had no idea how to get a hold of him when he moved to California. His name is Phil Moore and now he works for Entertainment Tonight. (I love that show). I use to baby sit his son who is now going to go to college in California. (I’m not that old). I got his e-mail, and phone number so we can keep in touch.


Roseanne Barr was looking good. I didn’t get the white socks and red plaid heels but it’s Roseanne. The last time she was here, was Halloween. Roseanne was dressed like a giant fat fairy, and she had been drinking. (Guests seem to do that a lot) I saw her act last year in Vegas, and it was very good. I could have lived without her taking her clothes off.

I found Heather Mills, intriguing. She has a great personality and out look on life. I watched her on Dancing with the Stars to see if her leg was going to come flying off and hit some one on the head. Sadly, it didn’t, but it still was a great performance. (Come on, you know that’s why you watched)

James Morrison was the musical guest, he has a nice strong voice and I enjoyed him. The background made it seem like he was in the enchanted forest with his keyboard player.

Remember, a wise woman makes more opportunities than she finds…

LoVe ya,