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An open letter to Mr. Scott...

Dear Mr. Scott head of the NBC Pages,

I hope that you are feeling better. You must be sick because the page Jason K. is attempting to do your job. I know, he wouldn’t do that unless you appointed him in charge, until you get better.

Today, Jason K. came up to me and said that he needs me to have more class when I write my blogs. And that I should not talk about him, because of just one incident that happed yesterday. May I take the time to tell you that he has messed with the wrong Negro. I come to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno almost everyday since last July, and very few people know what goes on, in that line, more than I do.

Jason K. has been rude on more than one occasion. I don’t write about pages or crew who are rude unless they have done it, three or more times. I have said to Jason K’s face that he comes across as arrogant. I told him that months ago. So, when the guest commented on it yesterday I reported it. I used nicer language than they did when talking about him. I don’t ask the guests, "what page has been mean to you today"?

If you need me to tell you the exact days Jason has been rude I can look on my blog and find them, I never said his name, until now.

Jason K. also said, that he has heard that I have pulled people out of line who have guaranteed tickets. First of all, you know that incident. No one asked me my opinion, but you (Scott) came to me, in a very friendly and professional manner and we discussed it, so I thought that was the end of that.

I do not understand why your understudy, Jason K, brought that up today. To my understanding, you are in charge, and you handled that incident when it happened a week or so ago. If you asked me what happened, or the other people in line, it wasn’t my fault. And the pages on duty, that day, handled things, at the time. Jason K. asked me not to do the pages job.

I told Jason K. that you already took me aside, on that day and put me in check.

Jason K. also said that he heard that I tell people that they can’t come into the show without ID. He might have heard that, but that is not true. I tell them to go to guess relations.

On more than one occasion, people under 16 have gone to the show and I didn’t say anything. I watch them act like they can’t find their ID. Not the older ones, but the younger ones whose parents lie for them.

I'm not out there to cause problems. I understand there's no need to be overly helpful. Ever since you spoke to me, Scott, I thought things were cool.

This is not my job, in fact I go out of my way to tell the people in line I do not work for NBC, but do I tell people where the nearest bathroom is, where to park, what’s good to eat in the area. No one is out there to tell them. The guests usually are going to the show one time during their vacations. So, they don’t bother with writing good commits, or bad. But I hear everything from them, because I am one of them.

No one is else is out there, hours before the show, talking and keeping things lively - not a page, not a guard, not even Jason K. I respect what you told me, so please make sure that your first runner up gets the memo.

I hope you get well soon. I’m sure you can handle what you need to handle, without involving me. I would love it if the pages didn’t act like they were going to a funeral, when they come out to greet us. But I would like it noted that Becky is always energetic and fun. Please reward her.

I do apologize for any misunderstandings. Can’t we all just get along?