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Repeat week continues

I don't know what's all the controversy about Bill Cosby. He speaks so slow I'm a sleep about time he finishes what he's saying. Here's a recap of the last time ol' Billy was on.

In line today I met Gypsy’s, Mike and Debbie, who decided on Debbie’s 55th birthday to sell everything, buy a motor home and travel the land. (Mike won’t let Debbie drive) They told me how much fun they were having. Debbie showed me pictures of her family. They are both very proud grandparents to a handsome boy, named Jacob (who knows how to make some funny faces) and a princess named Astrid. (Who was named after Neil Young’s sister) Astrid has a pretty stepsister, named Ashley! Your grandparents are so cool!

I love these people. Their family thought, and still thinks that they are crazy! They just look on a map and decide where to live for that week. On the back of their home, they have a truck, motorcycle and two bikes! Mike is a retired firefighter of 27 years.

Wolfman came to the show today. He is a strange guy who keeps coming to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". Hey bub, get your on show this one is mine!

Mike won some socks!


Bill Cosby, who received two standing ovations. He was a little older, a litter heavier but the same ol’ Bill. He is a hero to me. Jay and Bill are clean comics. Just like me. Bill and Jay talked about cars, and cracked us all up! Bill played in the band during one of the breaks.

Mary-Lynn Rajskub, from the show "24’, didn’t drop the ball. She was hilarious! I love her dry since of humor. Mary-Lynn was beautiful in a brown leopard print halter-top dress. Her spray tan looked great, and so did she.

Katharine McPhee, from last years "American Idol", Looked sexy in a short grey one piece short and top, with black tights. At first, I thought the music was too loud then I could hear her voice over it. Bill spoke to Mary-Lynn throughout Katharine’s whole performance!

This was a very good show!

After the show it was fun watching all the black people who work on the show come out of nowhere to take a picture with the legendary Bill Cosby. I wish I was one of them!

Remember, Life is a Journey… for some of us…

Love Ya ,