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Top of da morning to ya Glo…

Happy St. Paddy's day!!!

In da news this week, Angelia Jolie adopted a child from Vietnam. What is she doing? I think that it is very interesting that she is considered to some a Saint like person for this rainbow family she is developing. Let’s not forget that she put her whip appeal on Brad and he left his wife who is America’s sweet hart Jennifer Anderson. (She’s our friend) I know who cares.

I just think that if Angelia really wants to stand for peace, she should start with her own family. She hasn’t talked to her father for years but she can make a difference across the world. Bridge the gap with your dad first. Oh, wait, I hear they are talking. Well, her mother has passed away. What more motivation dose she need. From one big lipped sister to another, make peace with your dad, and then continue your collection of "We are the World". I hope they’ve worked it out.

Oprah is taking care of hundred of African children, but she didn’t bring them to her house, okay.

Who is left on American Idol that we care about?

American Idol is good y’all. Did you see it when big hair Diva Miss Diana Ross was on? (Love it) The black guy had to go because he forgot the words, like a dummy, and is too normal for the show any way.

The skinny pale white bald guy who looks like he has had chemotherapy. I call him Powder, is still on. Powder has a nice voice, I think he was a troll in the last Harry Potter movie.

The two black Mahalia Jackson sisters will cancel each other out but will tour in plays like "Mamma I need a man" or "Grandma help me find a man"or "Sh** a good man is hard to find" Live at the Rosa Parks Playhouse. Or they can advertise for "The Gap". Get your grill fixed, girlz.

And my favorite contestant is the tiny girl that hulas. No, that’s not a guy? I’m talking about the little tan girl with beautiful hair and who can’t sing… What? That’s a boy?! He is too pretty.

I heard Howard Stern is asking his listeners to vote for the hula person. Hey, it makes for great TV and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Did you hear that Anna Nicole has a 6-year old boy living on some Indian reservation with his dad? Anna can keep a secret. My mother gives me money, so I won’t become a whore. I love Anna Nicole, but my goodness that child got around, probably because people were pretending to be her friend. Like stank behind Howard Stern. RIP now Anna.

Special thanks to "Fightin’ Mad Mary", please visit her blog. The link is off to the side on the screen. She’s helped me so much in improving my blog. I love her!

Remember, what is done in the dark will come into the light…

LoVe ya,