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Troll vs. GloZilla…

I can sing, play the piano; write music…are you thinking what I’m thinking! Yes! I will write and star in " I love Jay Leno"… THE MUSICAL. I cant wait to write songs like," Lord have mercy, Leno got his blue jeans on", "You have 400 cars, can a sistah get a ride?" and my ballad "His chin drew me in". Broadway, here I come!

Today, we had line snobs. Jen, Dan, Paul, and Derek who are from Canada. They were playing cards so they kept to themselves and it was hard to get to know them. Derek came late with a drinking glass that he stole from the hotel. Oh, Canada.

My lunch came today from four beautiful Asian ladies. Ida, who loves purple, her sister Eileen, who is planing a September wedding for her daughter and their co-workers Linda and June. They work for Classic Rock Jewelry Store in Japan Town, San Jose, California.

I also met Sue and Max, from Portland Oregon. Max who is 17, a huge Quentin fan and a great artist. The ladies, Max and Sue took pictures with Jay! They were so happy!

Oh, no what does my wondering eyes appear, but a miniature person running towards the line. It’s Smitty, AKA "The Troll" who lives under the Tonight Show stage and comes out to play the drums. I said "Hey everyone this is Smitty, the guy who plays drums for the show, take out your cameras (even though, I don’t think his image will come out). Smitty didn’t say hi, or thanks for coming, the Troll said nothing.

A mean girl who was first in line asked him "How does she know you? The Troll said" she doesn’t, she just comes here everyday" and walked off. If your pour water on him, thousands of Smitty’s will pop out of him and try and take over the world.

I was happy that the mean girl, and I sat on the same row. She was complaining that she should be on the first row, and not the fourth because she was in line since 5 AM to see Quentin. I told her that they put pretty, young, thin girls, on the first row and your batting a zero honey, but don’t worry their will only be one camera in your way. (Boy that was evil, and yet true). Lord forgive me.


Quentin Tarantino is high energy. He said he enjoys how black people talk back at the movie screen. Great, put more black people in your movies! Did you hear that?
Pete Rose is a legend in baseball. I know nothing about baseball because it is boring, to me, and so was he. If you love baseball it will still be boring to you. Pete Rose is a legend and I respect that, it was nice seeing him.

Mika was the musical group, if you call that music. I call that foolishness! It was different, and interesting to watch. There was a rabbit, and at one point a donkey. I don’t think just listening to them will be as interesting as watching them. It was a crazy day!

Remember, don’t underestimate the power of kindness…

LoVe ya,