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My lunch came today from three high school teachers named Sherri, Annie, and Debbie, they were playing cards, reading and grading papers.

In line, I had a great time with Michelle, and her daughter, Monique. I met them in line when Jim Carey was on. That was the day Scary Carey, Ryan Click got kicked out for impersonating Jim Carey all day long and wouldn’t stop.

Michelle and Monique gave me a scratch off ticket from the high priced Mobile gas station and I won 4 dollars. Michelle won 58 dollars.

Their friends were Nick and Joni. Joni was pretty and a lot of fun. Nick told me the craziest stories I have ever heard. Nick is a Diener for the Air Force. He said he chops up people for a living. What? He does the autopsies on dead people in the Air Force. Nick said that people commit suicide all the time in the service. Our boys and girls get depressed and kill themselves. (What?) If it’s accident, the family gets 200 thousand in insurance money. Though if it’s a suicide, the government won’t pay. His job was to investigate to see if someone committed suicide or a faked it for the cash.

Once, a guy was found hanging dead from his dorm door, with rope and a hanger. There were Playboy magazines all around him. Nick said its called Autoerotic Asphyxiation. (What?) Turns out on the door there were a lot of divots where this guy did this a lot. (What?) So, the family got the money because it looked like an accident. Nick also was one of the people who did the autopsy of the crew of the NASA Challenger after it blew up and their bodies were found in the ocean.

Once an Air Force plane, going 500 miles per hour crashed in the Tampa Bay and the Navy Seals couldn’t find him. An old guy fishing found him. The pilot was Nick’s friend. The friend was so bloated Nick slid the skin off his dead friends fingers, Slid the skins over his fingers and that’s how they got the dead mans fingerprints. This was 1988. Nick said that small fish had nibbled away at his ears and the tip of his nose. When Nick told the stories I got goose bumps. Nick and Joni got a picture with Jay and Nick mentioned me. That was the first time someone mentioned me to Jay when they got their picture. Thanks!

Guests: (Who cares did you read that story?… and that was the edited version)

Kurt Russell looked good, very good, so good. (Sorry, I didn’t mean to go Overboard)

Shia LaBeouf… cute and Jewish. (Next, I mean pass)

Hillary Duff looked very sexy, she is not the girl from Nickelodeon anymore. I felt like she didn’t care to be there, or she was tired. Her song was okay and I wished she had more energy. After she sang someone brought her some water like she just did a concert or something. I smell Diva!

Pam and Jeff Hanchey from Louisiana suggested that NBC take professional pictures while we wait outside. Pictures with the city background or the stage. 20-25 dollars for an 8 X 10 and 10-15 for 5 X 7. They got one when they went to the Today Show.

Great job pages keep up the great work! You make a great difference!

Oh, I've started my exercise in line program. Here is my "Before" picture...

I'll be posting update pictures of my progress as they happen.

Remember, live life like everyday is your last…

LoVe Ya,