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Dear NBC…It’s GloZell again…

In line today I met Deb, Jim and their son Mark. A great family from Omaha, Nebraska. They had great suggestions for NBC.

1. Get a new television set for the lobby.

When people walk in, one of their first impressions of NBC is that raggedy, RCA TV with the off color. Come on.

2. Up date Tour.

Most of the clips that are of shown at the beginning of the tour, are for shows that have been off the air for years. Jim said, "I thought Johnny Carson was going to walk from behind the screen". Most of the people who go on the tour have never seen the shows that are talked about on the tour! People could care less about the dress that was worn by Deidre Hall on her 3rd marriage on "Days of Our Lives" 1980 (whatever). Deb said, take me back NBC, but please bring me up. They cracked me up all day. Keep the old, and add some new.

3. Up date posters.

Jay’s hair is black in the posters. Hello.

4. It’s a studio that broadcasts shows.

Have televisions that play current show clips in the lobby, so people can go "yeah I’ve watched that show’. As it stands now, my grandmother can say, "yeah I use to watch that show". The TV’s can have the volume turned down. People want to see clips of Scrubs; Vegas, The Office, Deal or no Deal something that’s on the air.

5. Update the selection in the "Gift Shop"!Sizes, colors etc.

Today, I (GloZell) walked some people in line to the lobby, to go to the bathroom and see the "Gift Shop" it’s pitiful. Stay on top of that please. Help me, help you. Okay…

6. Last, but not least, please have the pages take a class in customer service, because they represent the Tonight Show.

The pages are fine during the tour, but its when they are behind the desk their enthusiasm disappears. .

If they don’t feel important or connected to the show, it’s not their fault. As a graduate of University of Florida (Go Gators! who are champions this year) If the team is doing poorly, feeling uninthused, or not playing well. They don’t change the team they change the coach!

I don’t know if there is a person, or a class that is in place to help guide the NBC pages. If you want a great example, go do the WB tour.

It would be nice if a camera man, band member, or other members of the crew, every once in a while say "Hey I hope you have a good time working here", or "good job today", to a page. The pages act like they are the bottom of the totem pole, and they’re not. Jay’s leaving, like it or not, one of those pages could be your boss someday. There needs to be an attitude adjustment, and it’s not just them.

The pages should get a chance to take a picture with Jay, the week they get their uniforms, not when they leave. That way they will be excited to tell the guests that they have met Jay, he’s so nice; I’ve spoken to him, etc.

That meaty Ben Affleck look alike, named Matt, was outside today passing out cards for the show. I will call him Big Ben. He got on my nerves about how he doesn’t like the Gators. Big Ben has a great personality, even though he is not as funny as he thinks he is, everyone loved him.

I have to say that the new page Scott S. is terrific. Jim asked me if he was the head of the pages. I told him Scott has been working here for eight days. He is great!


Jennifer Love Hewitt was beautiful, with full hips. Jennifer, I exercise at 10:00 am, four times a week in line, before the show, come and join me, girl so people won’t think you are pregnant. If you do get pregnant, poof…Sponge Bob Square Pants. Let’s nip that in the bud.

Robert Rodriguez was funny, and I enjoyed his crazy stories about his using his own kids in stunts, for his movies. I hope his gross movie does well, I won’t be seeing it.

Brandi Carlile, had this deer in the headlights look at first, but then she started to sing and her voice was strong and clear. Carlile was in the middle of bald white male twins. Interesting. Great voice!

Remember if you do something you like, you will never work a day in your life…

LoVe Ya,