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G.G. is not P.C….

Thank You Tony (The head of The Tonight Show Security) for finding and returning my purse.

In line I was asked, did I think there is a doubled standard between what white people can say and get away with, and what black people can say and get away with.

The Don Imus thing is the talk all over the country. For those who don’t know Don Imus is a shock radio jock, who called some girls basketball team (mostly black, but what basketball team isn’t) some nappy headed hoe’s. And now he might have been fired.

Yes, there is a doubled standard. The Dave Chappelle Show wasn’t P.C. at all, but Jessie Jackson and his permed sidekick, Al Sharpton, didn’t protest that. Isn’t it worse when your own people put you down? (I hope your listening to yourself, GloZell) I guess since Dave’s show was funny, it was ok.

Dave Chappelle quit his show on Comedy Central, and turned down a huge contract of 50 million dollars, because he felt like non-black people were laughing at him and not with him. I guess degrading black people for money truly got to him. God Bless, Dave.

Dear Comedy Central

I will tap dance in a watermelon patch with a KFC bucket on my head, down a glass of Kool-Aid (Red flavor of course) while singing "Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care" for 50 million dollars! O-tay.



(A Uncle Tom for the right price. I will skin and grin all de way to da bank)

I’m sure my family will have no problem with that. It’s amazing how forgiving people can be if you buy them things.

That is no different than most of the rap music, and the videos with the vide-hoes that go with it. Those videos that effluence young black people aren’t shown on the Klan network. It’s shown on BET. I bet they don’t care as long as the money is coming in. I don’t watch BET, and I don’t listen to Don Imus. Don Imus doesn’t influence young black people at all, but Rappers influence them in the wrong ways.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus was sexy in a skintight black dress. Her interview was a little X-rated. First she talked about wearing panties and showed a clip of her spoofing the Britney Spears incident. After that, she told a story about a huge tortoise and a rock. Julia’s stories alone is the reason to watch the show. I’m going to watch tonight, to see if they are going to edit her pictures or her stories.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. When she came out nobody stood up. She said ‘Blah, blah ,blah and I eat chocolate every day. I love her. On the way out there were protestors against her. Oh, well.

The musical guest was Relient K. They were good. I thought it was different how the piano was placed. Most people have the piano to the side so people can see them play. This guy had the back of the piano facing the audience and he stood up the whole time.

Remember, A mind is a terrible thing to waste…

LoVe Ya,