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Hey do you know this hot Tonight Show Tech? Do you want to?
Please leave a message for Richard the Tech if you want to met him.

Every day I see this guy who looks like a lumber jack. I told him that I call him lumber jack. His name is Richard.

The next day he gave me his picture.
I am afraid.

The flowers in front of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno are cared for by Miguel and Guillermo. When NBC has In and Out burger delivered Miguel and Guillermo aren't allowed to have any.

Dear Billy the Cig.

You do not make enough money, or have the position, or the talent, or the power to maintain the attitude you have at the Tonight Show. You are a peon and should be happy that they let you run around looking lost every day. Don't you ever roll your eyes at me again you little Ross the Intern wanna be. You need to go to GNC and purchase some Smooth Move Tea and stay close to home.

Vicky (The Tonight Show Singer who never gets acknowledged. The band would stink with out her) had on a skirt! It looked good. You go Victor Victoria!


Ross the Intern. I love him! I can't wait for him to have his own show!

Jack Black is funny! I think he was high. He always looks like he is ready to take a mug shot. If he washed his hair I wouldn't recognize him. I love his new show "Acceptable TV" and his music band Tenatious D.

Sanjaya who is very cute and becoming more gay, day by gay. He is off American Idol and wants to work in showbizness. Well, when he is completely gay, and if he's Jewish he could write for the Tonight Show.

The musical guest was Ok Go. They are a fun band. The back ground looked like red devil fingers blowing behind them. It helped take away the fact that nobody knew the song.

Remember, make use of your mind...

LoVe Ya,