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Glo-mazing Grace…

Do you have a picture of Jay Leno, or anyone who works on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno"? Let me know, so I can put it on my blog.

In line, I met a terrific guy named Dan, from Minneapolis. He works on planes, has a hot wife, and two beautiful kids. Dan wants to buy a luxury car this year. I am very happy he got a picture with Jay.

Roberta gave Bob, the warm up guy plenty of time to get people off the stage before the show started. Roberta if you wear tight jeans we won’t even miss Mike. Sorry Roberta if I gave you too much flack yesterday. (Get it, Roberta Flack…I am so funny )

Debbie, a producer/cue card writer. If you want to know who keeps taking your red tic-tacs that you keep under your writing desk, I have a list, just let me know girlfriend.

In the ice-cold studio. I sat next to John Melendez. He always asks how my blog is going. I tell him fine. The first time I was flattered, because I didn’t know he even knew about my blog. Then John says, on his own, "I’ve got to read it". "I promise I’m going to read it tonight". This is like ground hogs day because it happens every time I sit next to him.

John Melendez is a l...l…l…liar. He should be happy someone is writing about his over paid behind. I googled his name and MY blog came up. I’m the only one in the world writing about him. Ed Hall gets more hits as the announcer for the show, than John does.

The Tonight Show band has learned some new songs this month. How was it getting together for a rehearsal after all these years?


Tim Russert. The last time Tim was on the show was when Pamela Anderson was on. Tim asked Jay, "Where’s the starlet?" As ugly and fat as Tim Russert is, he better be happy the stars stayed on the city backdrop behind Jay. Okay.

Eddie Izzard was funny. I am thankful for that, because he didn’t talk about anything important. He explained how British people say things vs Americans. He has such small little feet.

Three Days Grace. The band had a great sound and they were good. But, they started off by saying that our hearts and prayers go out to the VT victims and their families, then they sing a song about "I rather feel pain than anything at all, I like pain and I like it rough". I thought that was a stupid song to sing after bringing up the VT Massacre.

Remember, a man’s word is his bond…

LoVe Ya,