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Glo Otter Go…

Out side at 10:00 AM a white woman about 25 years old was talking to herself and was filthy. She had to be on drugs. I felt sorry for her until I remembered what my mother always told me. A dirty white person can take a bath, comb their hair and get a job quicker than a qualified black person. I wonder if that is true.

Dear Dirty White People

Is that true?
Is my mother right?
Can you get a job just by taking a bath?
Please take a bath, get a job and let me know.
Thank you
Jobless and clean GloZell

In line I met Holly, who drove me nuts talking about Kiefer Sutherland and his show "24" all day long. Holly lost her mom to a brain tumor, moved in with her dad to help him out.( Holly has two jobs) Somehow she has the best outlook on life. I was so happy when she got an autograph from Kiefer and a picture with Jay. Thanks Kiefer and Jay! Holly I hope to see you again! (Pictures coming soon)

In the studio

Greg (I have know idea what you do) I didn’t say anything about your Walrus like mustache. I didn’t say anything when you use to change into a suit before the show. (Like the camera was ever going to be on you) But please tell me that there’s a racetrack that I don’t’ know about, hidden in the NBC parking lot. Are you changing tires for Jay’s car in 10 seconds or something? That is the only explanation for that Red Budweiser Race Car Outfit you were wearing today.

Kevin Eubanks, Charlie Brown called and wants his shirt back.

In the lobby, the TV screen was showing what was going to be on the show. When Jay was doing his Sold or Not Sold, I had already seen it.

I was sitting next to John Melendez (who can read) I would guess everything before Jay said Sold or Not Sold. John was like" GloZell you are good at this. (Ha, Ha) Then I started guessing what items it was going to be, before the item was shone. John was so amazed. I think John took a bath to get this job.


Jarod Miller and his animals. The best part was when these otters tried to make a run for it. One escaped and ran into the audience. I was cheering for the otter who was tired of the white man.

Kiefer Sutherland told this strange story about how an Orangutan raped him. Things must have gotten pretty bad after Julia Roberts left your behind at the altar.

Musical guest was Macy Gray and Natalie Cole. Where did they meet? The Crack House. This whole performance was strange. Why did two black women have two black women background singers who wasn’t really far enough in the background? One girl was so big. Big Girl would have been ok, but the other one was so tiny. Both of the non-background singers were in orange and looked like, Frick and Frack Pumpkin Twins.

Macy was high and Natalie had on a color too close to the other pumpkins. Natalie didn’t really sing she just made noise and at one point scatted. (Okay)

When I saw Natalie Cole, I was amazed. I didn’t know she could sing with people who are alive. Well, I guess there is nothing more dead than Macy Gray’s career. Both of them need a come back and couldn’t get anyone else. They need to go back.

Dear Natalie Cole,

If I started to sing, and my dead father started harmonizing with me, I would freak! Not do a whole album of HIS hits and sing with his hologram, 20 years after his death. What do you smoke?

Remember; just say no to drugs…

LoVe Ya,