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GloZell can u spare a dime ?

I wasn’t feeling the best about myself because I was talking to a homeless person today in the 8:00 AM ticket line, who was dressed better than I was. He thought I was homeless. I wanted to scream, "I’m not homeless, I’m just fat and freezing"! I refuse to buy new clothes when I have so many, in different sizes. I just can’t fit them. I do need some kind of uniform for myself.

The people in line today were so much fun! We all laughed and took pictures it was great. Two people gave me their head shots and one guy named Tommy bit a dime bent it and gave it to me. He has been trying to get on the show to impress Ed Asner. Tommy is a real strong man who can bend steel of any kind.

The Tonight Show band played three new songs today! Hallelujah!

Jay talked about who Richard Gere who is in trouble with the Indian people because he kissed an Indian girl on the cheek in India, which is forbidden.

First of all, I’m glad Richard Gere is kissing a girl and not a gerbil. Second of all if Indian people want to protest, forget Richard Gere they should band together to stop Sanjaya. Indian people should grab Al Sharpton also, because Al thought he had the best hair after they finally buried James Brown, then poof! Here comes Sanjaya.Al is ticked off. I think Sanjaya is Blacian. Band together Indians and Blacks.


Tobey Maguire. I have seen him three times on the show, talking about the same movie. Spider-Man 1-2-3. I have Arach-ni-boria the fear of boring spiders.

Tori Spelling. Money can’t buy you love, a pretty face, or a career. Her new show is so bad, they didn’t show a clip. I would have loved to see Jay pretend to have liked it

Dear Tracy,

the beautiful producer who is pregnant (and looks like she is going to have a girl, congrats!) for the love of all that’s Holy, please do not even think about wearing a dress as ugly and unflattering as the one Tori wore today. Tori’s dress hurt my feelings. Even Tobey didn’t stay to met Tori. I thought Tobey and Tori would have a lot in common since he did the movie, Sea Biscuit.

Just looking out for you girlfriends.

The cast of Wicked performed. They were the best! I loved them! I wish I could see the whole musical. They were lively and energetic. I can’t say enough!

Wow! Sunjaya just got kicked of American Idol. Indians and Blacks work fast! He will be missed.

Remember, dare to experiment with your own life…

LoVe Ya,