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GloZell gets cursed out?...

I am so glad I got in today. After yesterday, I thought I was going to be kicked out.

The security was so much better today. Every one was alert. The Asian guard asked a guy if he had a weapon after the guy kept beeping. That’s what you have to do. Great job Bobby Lee or what ever your name is.

Jack (# 1 cameraman) will you please wear those jeans you wore today everyday? I think that is was beautiful how the denim caressed under your gluteal folds. You must keep the jeans alive now that Mike the Stage Manager has stopped.

I guess Mike has stopped wearing his tight jeans because he is a new dad. Congratulations Mike the Stage Manager! Did your beautiful new baby inherit your gorgeous hair from the 80’s?

"Billy the Cig" I didn’t know you knew sign language. Billy is that the same finger you use to scratch your crack with before every the show? Keep digging Billy until you reach gold!

Bob Perlo "The warm up comedian". You are doing well. I love that you used the band in the pre show. When Mr. Vicky got involved, it was hilarious. Love her!

John Melendez walks over to me during the first break and said " GloZell, I’ve read your blog" That’s all I heard. I don’t know if John cursed me out or praised me because I was so shocked that he can read!

That’s great John, maybe Jay can give you a job.


Leah Remin (King of Queens) has killer legs. She hasn’t lost all of her baby weight but she worked that dress. Leah is the type of person you want to be your friend or she will beat you up. Love her!

Adam Brody. Before the show, everyone got wife beaters that advertised his new movie. They only want skinny people to advertise because the tanks were so small. I will stretch and wear it, Ha!

Mavis Staples. Prince wrote a gospel song for her, the chorus was " God is coming back quicker than a dog in heat" No one bought it. What were they thinking? Mavis talked about it once on the Arsenio Hall Show.(This black guy with a triangular head, who had a talk show until Jay Leno blew him away)

Remember, learn sign language for I love you…

LoVe ya,