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GloZell knows how to party…

Last Friday in the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno "line I saw a huge bus that said African Children’s Choir pass by. They were the choir that was used on the American Idol give’s back show. They must be performing on the Ellen show.

I think that it’s great that Live Aide and American Idol and so many people have telethons and give money to poor Africans who don’t, have money, and are hungry, homeless, and without medical care.

Wait a minute… I’m African, with no money, I’m always hungry, I don’t have a house, or medical. WHERE IS MY TELETHON!

For just 80 cents a day, you can feed a hungry African in Burbank.

Isn’t that cheaper! They get treated better than I do, because my family was stolen away from Africa. I can change my name from GloZell Green (my slave name) to GloZell Click Click Boom Boom.

I wanted to jump in front of the bus and tell the Mufahsa’s, don’t get talked into staying! You get nothing!

I don’t have to have a telethon. Just give me the money it takes to air one on television, or the money used for flying the stars in, with their entourage. I’ll take the money for the hotel rooms, all tech people, catering, etc. Just give me the swag bag given to all of the stars. I can save you money people! You don’t have to go that far! Take care of the ones YOU brought over here already. And no I don’t want to go back.

It must be guilt or something. Madonna and Angelina Jolie have issues. You want a black child, I have several cousins who fit the same build in Florida!

Angelina has to adopt from across the world, because if the child spoke English and had a television they wouldn’t go. Does Mattocks ever look happy to you? It was two years before she let that child walk. She carried him every where. Check the magazines. I thought he was handicap.

Angelina Jolie use to walk around with a vile of Billy Bob Thorton’s blood around her neck. Who is giving this chick their children? Dracula?

She shouldn’t be given children because she dated Billy Bob Thorton! She is out of her mind!

I have never seen her kiss Brad Pit as passionately as she kissed her own BROTHER! And that was in public.I won't even mention the fact that Brad was married when she slither over to him. I know how to control my big lips.

I’m going to start my own telethon against her! How is she the Ambassador of Peace when she doesn’t even talk to her own father? Get your own family together Angelina, before you hijack children for your personal Rainbow Connection.

(Sorry for the all misspellings but you know what I’m trying to say)

I have a party to go to right after the show today(4-30-07) so I’m not sure if I will get a chance to post tonight.

Remember clean around your own front door first…

LoVe Ya,