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GloZell loves her some Bacon...

In line today I met Riley, who has been in therapy since 5 years old. She has a eating disorder and suffers from OCD. Riley told me her stories from fat camp. Yes she actually said " one time in fat camp".
The name of the fat school is Academy of the Sierras. Her favorite teacher was named Mr. Rourke who use to sneak her food. (he has been fired) Riley loves Hayden P., the cheerleader from the show "Heroes".

I was Anorexic for three... no four hours. I got hungry. I can't commit to anything! I wish the best for Riley and I hope to see her again. We had a great time, and ate hot dogs.

Also in line was Susan Dale who made the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" semi finalists" on a "Pitch to America" segment.

Dear Ervin,

Nobody likes you! All you do is show up and eat food out of the Green Room!
You set black people back four hundred years all by yourself. If I give you forty acres and a mule will you go away. I don't care if you are reading this because your memory is so short you won't remember that I said this.

Please take your medicine and leave me alone. You told me you work for the Tonight Show and I don't, and that you don't care if I write about you on my blog! Ha ! You don't work for the show. You use to open the curtains for Johnny Carson when he was the host. Guess what? That was 18 years ago! Jay doesn't have curtains, so take your old behind, get on your bike and ride away!

P.S. You are too old for the hip hop clothes you wear. Ervin you are pushing 70 across the street.


Kevin Bacon. He makes me want to have a bacon breakfast in bed everyday. Six degrees of no separation.

Hayden P. who was so beautiful in person. Hayden has a great personality. I loved her clingy gray dress. I couldn't wear that dress because it would get cut on my cellulite thighs. Hayden you go girl!

Michael Phelps who is a world champion swimmer. He was humble, tall good looking and has big feet. I caught him checking out Hayden p.

The musical guest was Ok Go. Ok Go... away. once was more than enough!

Before the show was over, Ervin asked if I was ok. Hello? I guess I'm a part on the Tonight Show functioning dysfunctional family. I love you Erivin! (Great, I'm just as nuts as you are) But I'm not afraid to tell you off. We cool.

Before I got to my car I met Robin Maxwell who raised the most money using Kevin Bacon’s Six degrees of separation charity program.

Remember, give up things that bind you...

LoVe Ya,