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GloZell takes the cake…

In line today I met an oddly unique woman who baked Jay Leno a cake. Cindy was upset that she baked a chocolate hazelnut cake for Jay but NBC wouldn’t let her give it to him. Cindy offered to eat a slice to prove she hadn’t poisoned it.
Cindy tried to auction the cake off for 15 dollars before the show started.

Cindy showed me pictures of herself in different costumes like a bunny, Cupid, and Santa Clause. Cindy’s teenage kids Jasmin and Kevin didn’t talk to her at all in the line because they were so embarrassed by her behavior.

Cindy entertained me all day and I would love it, if she came back again.

I also met a very sweet, and successful black family from Louisiana, who gave me a gift. The mother was named Gloria just like my mother. Robert, Gloria and their son Michael got a picture with Jay. On their way up to the stage, Gloria fell.

Without missing a beat Bob Perlo, the warm up comedian, came over and told Gloria she should sue and own the show. Bob’s bit worked. He was very funny. Bob also messed with Cindy. In line I talk to everyone. We are out there for about five hours. When we get inside the studio and Bob plays around with one of us, it’s more funny because we all know each other.

(In the News)
Dear Jessie Jackson

Imus is still fired. I think you (Jessie Jackson) and Al Sharpton have a lot of power. Jessie, if you can call the head of a studio to get a white man fired, can you call to get a black woman hired? ( Me ) There is a double standard. Jessie and Al, you missed some other things you should have protested against. Protest should go both ways.

Like when Isaiah Washington, co-star of the hit show "Gray’s Anatomy", called one of his gay co-workers a fag, who wasn’t out yet. He said it twice, then he denied it. Isaiah didn’t get fired, he went to rehab. Where was the protest against a successful black man messing up a great job that badly? Isaiah is blacker than an ace of spades, and should be counted as two black people.

Jessie Jackson, I do appreciate you going to different black colleges, and black churches, talking about the black family, and how black men need to be more responsible and treat their Black Queen better. Thank you. I heard you speak more than once. You were great. I will let you go, because I know you are busy and have to get back to your wife of over 40 years, and your bastard child born to you by your secretary.

Thank you for your time, Jessie, Mr. Jackson if you’re nasty.


Rainn Wilson was funny. (Next)

Orny Adams was very funny and good looking for a comic.

The musical guest was the "Shins". They were good in a throwback to the Beatles sort of way.

The outside line and the warm up were just as funny as the show today. Jay was great as always.

Remember, let freedom ring…

LoVe Ya,