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GloZell’s Husband? Part 2...

So, Im sitting on the bed waiting for him to tell me what I have already figured out. That he was a she. Doc comes out of the bathroom and sits on the head of the bed and starts crying. I didn’t have any sympathy at all. I just stared cold faced.

Doc starts saying how when he was born, he was premature. (Yes, you told me that) Well not everything was right. (Okay, go on) Then he tells me he was born without a hole. (Without a what?) Doc said that he was born without a hole in his penis. (He did say penis, Yes! So that’s good, I guess?) I thought I have got to be on somebody’s show at this moment. I literally started to look around for someone to jump out and say I was on Candid Camera.

Doc was born with out a hole in his penis. Doc had surgery the day he was born so that he could go to the bathroom. Doc had the passageway but he didn’t have the opening. The Doctors drilled a hole, but not all the way to the tip, it was underneath. So if you looked at it strait on you didn’t’ see a hole. (I hope you understand what I’m trying to say)

He was built more like a flute than a recorder. (I don’t know how to draw a diagram on the computer) And because the body wants to always heal itself, and babies grow so fast, it would start to close up. Doc had to have the scar tissue scraped away every couple of days at first. Then months, then years.

At this point, he is bawling. I was in complete shock. He also told me about the "Thing"
Oh no there’s more! What is the thing? I asked. The thing was what his family called it when Doc would be talking and just stop, then continue on, stop then continue again. I thought Doc would just tune out because I was talking so much, just thinking of something else. Doc would play it off so well. No one in his family said a word they were use to it. Not even is mother who thought I wasn’t good enough for her son, the Doc. If only she knew. The "thing" stopped the Thing if you catch my drift.

I looked up his symptoms and what I found out that the blood would stop flowing to his heart then start back again in seconds. Somehow Doc was and still is a great DVM surgeon. My guess is that it like Turets Syndrome(sorry it’s spelled wrong), which is usually, caused by some kind of, stress or shock. I don’t think there is nothing more shocking than what he went through. And he never told me before we got married.

When you first get married everyone always ask" When are you going to have a baby? Once, my Auntie asked me that. I said, Yes we are going to have a baby and his name will be Jesus, we will wrap him in swaddling clothes and lay him in a manger. It worked for Mary and that’s the only way its’ going to work for us. She didn’t get it.

The hard part (no pun intended) was what else could he be hiding. How was I going to trust anything he said? Who was I going to tell? Everyone was so happy. I wanted my parents to be happy and they paid a lot of money for the wedding.

It was a lot of tension in the house. He would say pass me the salt and I would think get your own salt your penis doesn’t work!

My father died 6 months to the hour of the wedding. I was grateful that my dad walked me down the aisle and that he died thinking that Doc was the new head of the family (No pun intended) And that everything was going to be fine. I’m still grateful to Doc for that. We decided to move to California and that’s when it hit the fan.

To be continued…

LoVe Ya,