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GloZell’s Husband?…

I met a guy lets call him Doc.(DVM) The family loved him but I wanted to move to California. Doc said he always wanted to pursue acting so the ideal of California was great. I knew him for only two weeks when he asked me to marry him.

I didn’t think getting married was the right thing to do so I told my mother and him. Doc said it’s okay, we will be fine. My mothers said don’t say that, you don’t want to hurt his feelings. His feelings! The wedding was 8 months away from the time we met. It was his ideal to wait on the hanky panky stuff. I thought he is truly a Christian man. That’s great!

Every one else seemed to think I was so lucky to be marrying a Doc. I had a huge diamond set in Platinum. He had a nice house. That’s was all people cared about.

Doc told me that his friends and family would never think I was good enough for him and that they wouldn’t like me. (Great) But I thought that would change in time. (Wrong)

My mother got caught up with wedding plans, and my father was proud, and I felt trapped. Ritha the wedding planer almost left. It was too much for her. I’m sure she will come out with a book about what she went through with this wedding.

Doc and I got married. It was a gigantic wedding. There were about 20 people in the wedding party. All of Orlando was there. My father was a Doc., and everyone knew and loved him. My mother taught school and my sister and I have performed in just about every church there is in Orlando, the near by cities and out of the country.
My sister and I performed for weddings and funerals; it was second nature to us. Every body knew us and to this day my family is in the Back Orlando Museum! All of us had Afros in the picture, it’s embarrassing.

My mother made my dress, which was too tight. I looked like a white sausage. I wanted to wear braids but that’s not how my mother wanted my hair. So, I had it straighten. I didn’t like that ether. I will tell you more about the wedding at a later time I don’t have the strength to go into it now.

We were going to the Islands for our Honeymoon and when that Island heat hit my hair, I will look like buckwheat’s sister. Oh-tay

I couldn’t ask for any thing better than my father walking me down the isle and him being pleased with the Doc. That was the best thing about the wedding. I will tell you more at a later time. I might have to take up drinking to write about the wedding.

After being married five months, I finally asked the Doc what is the problem? It had been five months and still no hanky panky? He lowered his eyes said we will talk about it when he gets out of the bathroom. So Doc went into the bathroom.

I sat on the bed, my mind-starting going. What is it that he has to tell me after five months? I was thinking how he never left the toilet seat up, NEVER! And how he always shut and locked the door when he was in the bathroom. And that I have never seen It. You know IT. I had Never seen IT!

So, I sat on the bed thinking about what he could possibly tell me. I remembered that it struck me odd that he said he took ballet lessons when he was a kid. (A black man taking ballet lessens?) Doc loved Will Smith. Doc wasn’t from Philadelphia. Doc wanted to dress like him and he had Will Smith’s greatest hit. Who has that?

Doc would play "Will Smith’s greatest hits" in his truck everyday and he knew all of the words. He would look for clothes that Will wore in a movie and buy it. In the movie, Bad Boy’s two. Will did this scene, where he danced and broke a counter. Doc watched it over and over every night after he came home from work for months and learned it. He would perform the dance all the time with a broom. He made me watch it also! To This day, I can’t stand Will Smith.

As I sat on the bed, and thought, more and more, I realized…

I had married a woman.

To be continued

LoVe Ya,