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Go Green!...

Happy Earth Day!

In line today was a real Native American. Chief Marvin L Swallow and His wife Hiroko M. Swallow.
(Talk about Earth Day) They were so nice they hugged me and everything. It was like touching history. The Swallow's got a picture with Jay Leno and gave him sage and a rope to ward off negative energy. I think I have Native American in me also, my great great great grandparents were Black Foot. (All black people think they are part Native American. Go ahead ask the one you know from work, tell them I said it's okay)

My lunch came from the lovely Joanna Cunningham and her beautiful mother Toni Baughn. They told me I better say something nice about the people from Texas. Don’t Mess with Texas! I enjoyed meeting them.

I met this wonderful couple who loves Zola( the Production Manager for the show )I think they are four score and seven years old. I love them!

If the Tonight Show with Jay Leno wants to save energy. They can start by cutting off Smitty’s microphone!

Dear Tonight Show Executives

Do you ever come to the show? I know it’s hard to break away from the golf course. I would love for you to show up at 8:00 AM and see how disheveled the gift shop merchandise is as soon as the doors open.

Also, the vending machine was actually full today but out of order. The bathrooms need an air freshener because someone sharted and when I walked in, it smelt like Garlic Gorilla.

I would love it if you could tear yourself away from your fancy drinks, restricted clubs, happy endings, etc. and show up unannounced to the show. Sit in line, watch the show and reward the people who work hard and put fire under the ones who don’t. (Mostly the ones you have hooked up because they are related to you)

The people who do their job should get rewarded just as much as the ones who pretend to. Good workers don’t want to do their best because no one cares. (At this point, it’s you)

Take care and God Bless!

In the Ice cold studio, I sat next to my friend John Melendez. It’s a little scary sitting next to him. I’m always afraid John is going to have one of his tic fits while he is holding his cup and splash diet soda on my weave. Glo Zell to the No!

Bob Perlo the "Warm up comedian". I like the page on the stage thing. I see you are being creative. Please contiune to make up for the first six months of my "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" life.( Bob remember those days, back when you had yellow frosted hair)


Zach Braff from the NBC hit show "Scrubs". He is so nerdy! I love him! Zach gave his autograph to Jillian who stood in line with her girls, since 6:00 AM for tickets just to see him. Thanks Zach and the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno"!

Pat Summit. The number one woman’s basketball coach. I didn’t see her due to the fact her outfit was the same color as her skin. Go Tennessee!

Joss Stone was the musical guest. I didn’t know that child was white!( Shut the front door) Joss has a great sound and she wasn’t wearing shoes. (White people love to walk around without shoes, I don’t understand?)

Remember, plant a tree…

LoVe Ya,