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Good Friday, Good Show Glo…

This is the day that Jesus the Christ died on the Cross, and rose again from the dead, so that we all can eat chocolate bunnies and hunt for stank eggs that get dirty, because a rabbit laid them in the grass. God Bless America!

On My 150th show, I decided to wave at people on their way to work.

(I was too tired to exercise) Okay.

A fellow blogger Fightin’ Mad Mary brought me cupcakes! She is the most beautiful person ever!

Eating is much better than working out.

The NBC Pages were entertaining and fun! The male pages ran out like a drill team. It got everyone’s attention. Deshuan (a new page) involved the audience in doing the wave! Leading the line of talent was Jason K. who truly has turned things around. Jason K is a leader, and people follow his lead. Use you power for good. It didn’t stop there! Kristian asked questions like, "Anyone hear from out of the country? "Who has been to the Tonight Show before"? It was great! People want to say how they are a part of the legendary Tonight Show! The pages had a great time also!

For all of those who love spreading the criticism, I say. Please go and tell the pages that they did a great job. That way they will keep it up! Scott, (the Boss over the Pages) they made you proud today. Great job to you Scott, all that you do and the most amazing pages.

My boyfriend (who is white, mother) came to the show (Thanks Boo) and enjoyed everything. Jack the number one camera guy greeted us. I’m working on getting pictures of Jack and the crew. Jeff, (Jay’s Wardrobe Guy) I need help with my white boyfriend’s clothes. He wore shoes to the show that he got from Payless years ago. PAYLESS! You could pay more, but nothing, pay more.

Vicky (the band singer) has just finished her album. You go girl! Vicky makes the show exiting during the breaks. Victoria is the hardest working person ever. Anyone, who can sweat under his or her armpits in a freezing studio every taping, has to be working hard! You all better buy her album!


GloZell Green… Nope but the top three corespondents were.

Nate Jackson, Bill Monte and James Younan!

One was the token skinny back guy with a high voice. That’s so original (J. J. walker, Chris Tucker, Eddy Murphy, Martin Lawrence etc.)

A short, white, nerdy, bald guy who looked like a thumb!

Last but not least, a huge guy who did perfect impressions of dead great comedians and other people, who are not current, and very few people care or remember.

GloZell, build a bridge and get over it!

Jeremy Piven, who was dressed in a funky fun hip way that worked for him. Good guest.

Jenna Fischer, who, just three years ago came to visit the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and vowed to one day be a guest. (Hey Jenna, can you teach a sister a short cut?)

John Legend was the musical guest. Kurt (a friendly hot camera assistant) Thought that John had a great sound and that his rehearsal was just as great and professional as his performance. Thanks Kurt I know you have seen a lot of shows and I trust your opinion.

Tune in tonight and watch John’s eyebrows dance, dance, dance…

Remember, what Holy Week is truly about!…

LoVe Ya,