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Good GloZell…

Jason K. used the microphone for announcements today at the 8:00 AM ticket line. Brilliant, now every one can hear what is being said, and the pages don’t have to strain their voices. Very smart Jason K.

My braid fell out while I was exercising in the Tonight Show line before the show! That braid was about two dollars!
Thank you, Roy Pessis for giving me great advice for my blog!

In line, I met a great family from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They got a picture with Jay!

By the way, Bob, the warm up comedienne. I met your friends, and told them, how to get to Guest Relations. They are a nice couple. I thought the only people you knew, were strippers!

Jack, the number one camera guy, wasn’t at work today, and neither was Andy, AKA "the Hair" the on stage security guard. You are a part of GloZell’s, ghetto, NBC tour. I need you to tell me when you are not going to be here, do you understand me!?

In the Ice cold studio, I sat next to Angelo Michael Luzzi, a handsome Italian guy from Rhode Island, New York. Angelo, said I was just as pretty as Robin, who is Howard Stern’s side kick… thanks, I think. Angelo got a picture with Jay also, but he really wanted to see the TV pop up from behind the couch. Oh, and thanks for the "Tonight Show" socks… You catch ‘em, I’ll keep ‘em.


Anthony Hopkins who is handsome, and strange. Anthony is Welsh, and turned down a part playing a Brit. He didn’t think he would be convincing enough. Yo, Anthony do you remember the movie "The Human Stain" where you played a black man? Thought I forgot about that piece of mess. Still love ya!

Rose McGowan. Over all, she was very sexy. My first thought was that her breasts look bigger in photos and her leg are skinny. Angelo M. Luzzi, said she was perfect. Her dress was green and it hugged her tight. Rose’s hair and make-up was beautifully done.

Good Charlotte was the musical guest. They were great! I am impressed with the set designer who creates the set for all of the musical guest on the show, great job!

People audition for me all the time. ( Like I can get them on the show, I can't get myself on the show) At least Charity gave me a headshot. Well here's a few head shot tips. Get it airbrushed! I see crow's feet girlfriend, and you are young. I can tell you are wearing a padded bra. These things should be brushed out. Don't crop off the top of your head. High School stuff don't count unless you were in the movie "High School the Musical". Take it off. Don't give up or give in. Meet you at the top!

Remember, to be the first say hello… you may meet a friend for life….

LoVe Ya,