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Sadly GloZell...

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In memory of the Virginia Tech students who died today, their families and the family of the shooter. I pray for them to be able to forgive and continue on, in time.

Thank You.

In the studio, Mike the stage manager wasn’t at work today, so Roberta did his job. Mike tells Bob the warm up comedian, he had one minute, to show time. That gives Bob, the warm up guy, time to get the audience members that he has brought on stage, off the stage before the show starts.

Roberta told Bob were at 10. I was thinking wow, she gives a lot of time. Then Roberta starts counting down 10-9-8-7-. Oh my Goodness! 10 seconds until show time. Half of the people hadn’t danced for their prizes yet; Bob was throwing prizes at them telling them, Get off the stage! Get off the stage! I love ya Roberta, but Mike you are not in jeopardy of loosing your job. Okay.

I think Bob the warm up guy wants me. Since I have a man I will give Bob a little taste of what he can't have.

Bob, Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't Cha?


Luke Wilson who was an ok guest. He talked about how he had on a stupid suit the last time he was on the show. He didn’t look in the mirror today. His jacket was short in the arms, which made his hands look like he was part Gorilla. Luke slouched on the couch and had a little belly, but he still has a beautiful face. A family from Make-a-wish waved Luke over after the show. Luke came over and shook their hands, and others people, including mine. I forgave his gorilla like hands suit.

Alexandra Wentworth, who I loved on the show SNL was great. She was so funny. Even Tony, the head of security, laughed. He never smiles. I didn’t know Tony had teeth until today.

Alexandra - girlfriend, you should wear control top pantyhose, do something else with your hair, and get those bags under her eyes fixed.

The musical guest was Lily Allen, from the U.K. Lily was different from the one hit rock bands I see almost everyday. She had quite a few fans in the audience.

Remember, to find compassionate alternatives…

LoVe Ya,