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There is Gold and the end of the Rain-Glo…

I expressed myself in a poem. This is a piece from "I Love Jay Leno, The Musical"!!!

(Deep and moving words, by GloZell)

Jay Leno
My name is Glo
I watch your Show
In a freezing Studio
I am Negro

It’s always great when "Ellen" is shooting next door, because I get to play count the lesbian couples as they walk pass me. They are so nice and friendly, and they stop and talk. I think I have watched the show "The L Word "a little too much. I like Skittles but I don’t want to taste the rainbow.

Today, I entertained the outside line with my beautiful singing.

They like me they really like me!

The "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" story cards were passed out today by "Billy The Cig".

If you smoke and you see him coming your way, run. Billy the Cig bums a cigarette from someone everyday. Billy do you forget that you smoke? Billy, you owe Andy the on stage security guard about 75 hundred thousand dollars worth of cigarettes. So Billy, get your own supply, or even better, quit. Love ya, but I had to tell the TRUTH.

Wanda Sykes hands down is the funniest guest on the show. I love seeing Jay laugh that hard. During the break Jay ripped up his questions because Wanda just says what ever she wants. Her hair gets shorter and shorter every time she comes on the show. I think Wanda likes Skittles.

Jesse James had on a vest that looked way too small. He looked silly, but I wouldn’t say that to his face.

Ricky Lee Jones was the musical guest but I didn't see the act because I had an audition and had to leave early. I thought Ricky was a boy but someone said Ricky was a girl. Oh well I don't care I had an audition!
Imus was fired today. Imus I sure wished you called me something so I can give long boring speaches on national T.V. Oh the power you have Imus to bring black people who haven't been on T.V in a long time. I bet Woopie is happy she lost weight now that she is back on prime time.

Imus if you get another show please fill free to curse me out at anytime. It's GloZell Green, you can interview me at a Soup Plantaion near you. Please trash talk me so I can get some air time. My hair really is very nappy.

Remember, don’t try to change who people are…

LoVe Ya,