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In line today I met a great looking black guy, named James. He served in the Marines and now he has a great job traveling, and heading up different program at hospitals throughout the country.

James is looking to get married and has a beautiful 13-year-old daughter in North Carolina. James motto is "Beauty Attracts, but Personality Keeps". So, you have to be fit, beautiful, and pleasant to be around. Ladies if you are between the ages of 27-47 and have a nice firm round behind. (Brothers will be brothers) His info is (fit is who I am @ yahoo. com) all one word, all lowercase. He was pleasant funny, good looking and he’s a sexy Sagittarius! So, please contact him! He said something about the lady needs to have a brain also.

James, and I were both interviewed for the "Today Show" it will probably be on tomorrow. They wanted our opinion on the Imus issue. The white radio guy who called some black female basketball ball player’s "Some nappy headed ho’s."

I think that Imus can say what he wants on his radio show!

I can call Imus a piece of poor-white-cracker-honkey-trash on my blog, but I won’t… because that is my choice. Do you get that Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton!


Jamie Lee Curtis kissed Jay twice on the lips and he kissed her on the neck.(Ahhh!!!) I don’t want her on the show again! (A little jealous, GloZell?) After the show, three old ladies were saying that Jamie looked good, and has had work done big time? (A little jealous old hags?) By the way, wasn’t Jamie Lee born part male? (Let it go, GloZell!)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was good looking, and I love that Irish accent. Some people camped out since 10:00 PM yesterday, just to see him. He is a fun bad boy who gets away with anything, because he is so cute.

Musical Guest was Patty Griffin. I thought the song was pretty but a little nasal sounding. Most of the audience enjoyed her. We all have our opinions.

Remember, it’s okay to agree to disagree…

LoVe Ya,