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Eureka! Glo got it...

Yesterday in the Jaywalking segment, a person reveled something to Jay that I had done also and not told anyone. The person felt like they were ready to tell that personal information about themselves on national TV! I woke up this morning realizing what the NBC little birdies has been trying to tell me! I GOT IT!

In line, I met Cathy and her son Ethan Maguire who is a student at the College of the Redwoods. They moved from Burbank to Eureka California. They arrived at 9:00AM to see Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cathy assisted in the birth of her kittens.

David Markland form Blogging LA visited me in line. I was so honored. He has the best personality! Love Him to pieces!

In line, we got gifts advertising The Starters Wife staring Debra Messing from the cutest young ladies in pink and white. I think they use to be cheerleaders.

I also met Scott, Jan, and Bryce Britt from Shawnee, OK.

Jan uses an Insulin Pump. She use to give herself 4 to 10 shots a day and now one every three days. Insurance paid for most of her cost. The pump runs about 7 thousand dollars.

Jan has had diabetes since she was 9 years old. Because she was adopted, her parents didn’t have her family background. Doctors guessed until they finally checked her blood sugar. Jan eyesight is poor; she has had over 11 eye surgeries.

The pump is good for children. Jan remembers the doctors and Nurses giving her a list of all the things she can’t eat. (Mostly sugar) But with the pump, you can get insulin to control the amount of carbs you are going to eat. For more Info. ADA.ORG

When Jan gets back to Shawnee, she has to see a Nephrologist because her kidneys are failing. The Vitamins and medication she has to take for her diabetes are hard on her kidneys. Like Potassium and Lasix.

Jan and her husband Scott decided to not have children. Because Jan worked the midnight shift, she would get sick a lot, eating late, trying to regulate insulin. (Before the pump) Jan was throwing up her Birth Control Pills, and she became pregnant.

Through many scares and prayers, Bryce was born without being sick. Praise God!
One night when Brice was three, in the middle of the night he ran into his parents bedroom and started shaken his mother." Get up Mommy, Get Up! Scott woke up to find Jan unconscious. Her blood sugar was deathly low.

Brice told them, that a beautiful Angel told him that his mother was in trouble. Brice stills remembers that night and what the Angel looked liked.

I just can’t write everything Jan shared. This was the first time I thought I have to write a book. Her story hit home to me because my father died from diabetes. Things would have been different if he had an insulin pump.

Please pray that Jan, Scott, and Bryce are prepared for what God has planned for their lives. I pray that Jan Kidneys are healed and she doesn’t have to have pain and no more surgeries. I pray that in the name of Jesus.

A shout out if thanks to Baptist Hospital in Oklahoma City, and Dr. Shetty in Shawnee.


Someone plunged the woman’s middle bathroom stall at the NBC lobby. However, there is Doo doo still one the toilet. I do a lot of things for NBC but I stop at cleaning after someone has sharted on the commode 24 hr. ago. No one wants to sit on the doo doo stool.


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger who was very funny. Arnold said that he had seen Paris Hilton’s movies and that She was an Action star also. He talked about health care and how expensive it is. His hands and his back are so big! He will be turning 60 soon. He looks great! It was a great interview!

Debra Messing from "Will and Grace". Debra didn’t have on De Bra. Her whole back showed down to her tailbone. Jay joked that she had the dress on backwards. It wouldn’t matter which way it was. Debra was rail thin and her bones were showing.
The only pair of boobs on the stage was Arnold’s.

Debra did say that actresses had to look, dress, and act a certain way. That’s why she is on the show. And I’m outside. You have to be willing to make sacrifices. Like starve to death.

Fiction Plane was the musical guest. (I hadn’t heard of them either) One was short, one was tall and one looked like Woody Harrelson. They were good.

Remember, God always has a plan…

LoVe Ya,