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Glo Cheeks...

Today was a great day. I met Patti and Tom from Mentone California. Tom and I went to sleep on Patti’s legs because we were tired. They also bought me lunch. They were very nice.

I met Arielle Mcewen, and her friends Shyla, Jenna-Dean, Tara. They were young, good looking and on the guest list. I said let me guess, you know Bob Perlo. (The warm up comedian) They were shocked. (How did you know? They asked) Because you fit his type. Bob, I know some good stuff about you they sang like a bird. I won’t tell until Jay retires. So, you’re safe. (Pictures coming soon)

Not that I care, but some stupid person pulled the "W" on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" sign. The red and gold one. The "W" is loose.I hope it dosn't fall and hurt someone. (Not my problem)

I finally figured out Mike the Stage Manager’s behind sequence. Mike is relaxed until it’s time for Jay to cut for a commercial break. He clenches his behind very tight. So tight, he couldn’t let out an air biscuit if he tried. Mike counts down and he relaxes when Jay cuts to a commercial.

Wait a minute…I think I see Mike’s… it is!. I see his underwear line. Mike is cutting cheese on the right side. ( Ha Ha ) Oh that means… could it be true… Mike the Stage manager wears… Man Panties! I love it. You can get Man Panties from a lot of places. Target has them 4 for 15 dollars, in different colors for the manly man.

I don’t know why I like behinds so much. I didn’t know white people had them. I think I need to Out myself. I GloZell Green am a gay man trapped in a black goddess body. Oh well.

The on duty, Officer Rojas was good. I like him!


Howie Mandel is the host of Deal or No Deal. I know one of the suitcase girls. It’s cold and they have to stand a long time. The show that airs is much shorter than the show live. The audience is stuck in the studio for at least 3 hours.

Howie gets frustrated and leaves the stage while people are still trying to guess what suitcase they want. Some contestants take a long time. That is life-changing money and they don’t want to mess up. I also heard that the producers for that show treat people like dirt.

What! NBC producers treating people who work for them like dirt! I can't believe it. (Not)

Howie Mandel has this thing with germs. I wanted to cough on him and watch him have a conniption. He is funny, and looks like a thumb. Who wants to touch him?

Bryce Dallas Howard from Spider-Man 3. Due to the fact that her father is Ron Howard. (I love him) I just can’t say anything bad. However, I will say if they had to shoot Spider Man 3 tomorrow. Spider-Man would need a little help catching her.

Alan Jackson was the musical guest. Alan was so sexy. He just stood and sung a simple song that was touching and beautiful. I give him the L.U.A. The Leg Up Award! That’s when you see someone who is hot and your leg goes up. Congratulations Allan!

Remember, inner freedom comes from what is true…

LoVe Ya,