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Glo, its Jay’s Quinceañera!...

Happy 15 years on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Can’t wait for 20.

In was in line at 7:30 AM for tickets. A man was yelling into his phone. "She won’t sell me the house! She is not getting my daughter! Ect.
(Here we are breaking bread together)

John Ph.D. is going through a bitter divorce. He is a Professor of Communication at a college in Florida.

His wife (who John said was too media ignorant to find this blog) won’t sell him their house, which he is offering more than what it’s worth to her, so that their 3 year old daughter doesn’t have to move. He want’s custody.

His wife is a License Mental Health Counselor. John has been proven innocent of abuse to his wife. John fired his lawyer after he got his Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tickets.

And got a new lawyer before the show started.

I also met:

Susan who was trimming her hair in line. Susan is divorce after 23 years of marriage and now she has a great boyfriend who is going to take her up in a hot air balloon.Her sister Debby was fired from her job after 15 years because her boss is short and he started dating a female cop who didn’t like her. Debby lives next door to her sister Susan in Chatsworth California. Debby divorced after 17 years and is now on the market.
Susan and Debby started a fashion dog on-line service.

Sean and Joe who likes the guitar playing of Stuttering John! (What!) They said that John Melendez is a great guitar player and they like his album. (I have heard it all!)(Sean, GloZell and Joe the Rocket Scientist)
Sean makes and sells political apparel by day, and delivers pizzas by night. (Hey do what you got to do)
(Why did they have me hold up the BLACK t-shirt? That's a pretty political statement!)

Joe (graduate of MIT) works for NASA and goes to the National Board Game Convention three times a year. He is literally a Rocket Scientist. (That’s hot) Their mother Cathy is proud of both of them.

Bash Gupta originally from India, now lives in California. He watches Jay Leno every night but he prefers Johnny Carson. Bash was with his co-workers Silvia and Sandra.
Bash works for Burger King. His boss also owns 4 Popeye’s Chicken restaurants. John Ph.D. felt better after the Chicken.

Jay’s fans continue with Linda, Jenny Mikki and Rita. Rita got a picture with Jay in Merrillville Indiana and put the picture on a pin. Rita want’s Iron Jay back!


Jay’s monologue had some hot jokes and some that missed.

The audience asked questions segment was great. Very funny. People like to see Jay do mock interviews, characters. Do more with Jay!

Dennis miller is a great guest. You never know what he is going to say and some of it has to censored. I don’t like him! I would NEVER pay to see him. He was booed off the stage at University of Florida’s Pep rally "The Gator Growl" when I was there.

Dennis has a gut, but has not changed his jacket size accordingly. Dennis had his jacket buttoned and when he sat, I heard the cries of his poor button holding on for dear life.

ROSS THE INTERN: He was hot. I’m going to ask him to be my baby’s momma!
He has lost weight on the show "Celebrity Fit Club" but not his humor. I only wish the best for him. Love Ross forever!I pray that all is well with your family ROSS.

Dennis kept trying to be funnier than Ross was, but he wasn’t’! (Ha) Dennis is getting old he kept repeating himself. He said that it was Jay’s 15 anniversary 3 times. Like we forgot. I wonder how Jay sits with Dennis all up his crack! Come up for air Dennis!

Dwight Yoakam! Susan and Debby have seen him 54 times. Dwight had on these tight rubber looking pants on. (His poor twigs and berries) Dwight was great as always! The way he plays his guitar, looks like a symbol for something else.

I wonder if that’s why John Melendez plays one?

Remember, the person you marry is not the person you divorce…

LoVe Ya,