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Glo Loves Paris in the spring time…

Okay white people you have done some things in the past but this takes the cake.
PARIS HILTON CAN NOT GO TO JAIL! White people can't start punishing other white people just because they deserve it. Who am I suppose to blame for my oppression!

White people have to be treated better, and not be punished; it’s all I ever heard growing up. White people are going to get off. White people never get into trouble. White Devil this and those rabbits did that. (Rabbit is when the white girls are hopping in front of black men and do other things like rabbits)

The white man is keeping us down! So, don’t go changing things now!

I didn’t say anything when Martha Stewart went to jail because she is matronly. But PARIS HILTON! Are you people mad!

Now what am I suppose to believe in… The Constitution! The Declaration of Independence! This is just wrong!

I don’t have a job, who do I blame? White people! I don’t have a house, who do I blame, white people! I can’t find my socks; I blame you for that also. Help me, hate you. For Pete’s sake.

If this continues, I might as well start dating black men again. When my honkey and I go to fancy restaurants like Denny’s, and if I stand far enough behind him, we get seated before everyone else. A sister be needing her perks! Okay.

Think about Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. They are going to be bored to death. What job will they have if they can't complain and march?

What are black people suppose to sing about during Black History Month. All I know is, everything is going to be alright over yonder.

Maybe I need to say it in white man's language. "Please stop this tomfoolery at this juncture".

So, please don’t let Paris Hilton go to jail. This way I’m not trifling and lazy! I can just blame the white people.

On a different note.

Thank you Tonight Show with Jay Leno Angel!

I enjoyed meeting Laura and Lala from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Thanks for the chips


Mike Myers ( The voice of SHREK, SHREK 2 and SHREK 3 ) who is staying at the ‘W" Hotel in Westwood, California. Tell him I sent you!

Floyed Mayweather… I don’t know, he was black he had a scar on his face and was very hard to look at. I think white people are trying to fool, me but you didn’t. That was Seal! So ha!

The Cat Empire was the musical guest. I loved the background it was made up of pictures of people who work for NBC. According to Kurt the Camera Tech/Music Critic, "This is a good band." I agree, they were Funk, Jazz and Pop!

I like to give a shout out to Kurt and Fast Eddie. I hope you enjoyed Cinco De Mayo. Hola! I wanted to know, where does your people get that beautiful fruit I see on the street? Do you all have a Underground Railroad? Just give me a wink when I see you.

If you tell me what location your cousins are at, I will spend my money at their fruit stand. We got to stick together.

Remember, if it aint broke don't fix it...

LoVe Ya,