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GloZell and her Mother-in-law...

This is a continuation of GloZell and her husband moves to California. Please read that one first to understand this part.

The funeral home called the next day and said that his Doc’s father was ready for viewing. They sent a limo. This time the whole family broke down. (That’s normal). Doc(DVM) made us hold hands and pray, one by one. Two brothers, one sister, his mother, Doc. and myself (fine)

Then Doc wanted us to step out of the room and talk to his father one by one. (What?) And I had to go first (WHAT?). I didn’t know how long, was long enough to stay in the room with his father. 20 minutes, 30 minuets or 10.

I walked to the casket and realized he was the lucky one. This was ridiculous. So I told him he was a great father and father–in-law and I played the itsy bitsy spider 100 times.

Then it was the next person. We were at the funeral home so long. I started to go into other rooms. I figured, if Doc’s father could hear us the "others" might feel neglected.

Other people were coming to view their love ones. One couple said they are here to view Mr. Nelson. Okay he is in room 7, I said as I walked them to his room. People thought I worked there. I passed out tissue and showed every one were the bathrooms were.

We were there so long the limo driver said that out time is up and we had to go. (Yes!) Doc said he had friends he could call to pick us up so the limo can go. (No!) We were at the funeral home for over 4 hours. (does anyone deliver at a funeral home?)

At the funeral (Finally, the man can rest in peace) the family walks around an open casket. Doc stops. (Oh no) he just couldn’t leave the casket. Every one walked around him. The minister finally started the funeral with Doc standing at the casket.

I didn’t know what to do. He would sit, then go back to the casket during the funeral. I played and sang. I did the best I could. No way could I mess up. We went to the fellowship hall to eat. It crossed my mind that we didn’t go to the graveyard, but maybe things are done different in Ohio?

The next day everything is fine. Doc’s mother is nice to me. She said I did a good job. Helping and singing at the funeral. (Thanks) Then she said something that horrified me. Doc’s mother said that she wanted me to do that same song, plus another on at the funeral. (What is this woman talking about?)
I realize that they are going to have another funeral for Doc’s father in MISSISSIPPI because he had some family members who were too old to travel to Ohio.
(ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) I sat and listen to her go on about the funeral and she gave me a hug. (Help me Lord!)

I had to tell Doc that I have to be in Florida for a play. They are flying me out of Ohio. I went to one funeral. I didn’t know he was going to have two. He just looked at me in disgust. I couldn’t let those Florida people down. I did all I could do.

I flew to Florida did the play and flew to California. The Doc stayed another week in Ohio. He found out that his father had some debt, and his mother was planing to leave him and move to Mississippi after she retires from teaching. Doc asked if I thought His father did this on purpose? I didn’t answer.

When Doc got back to California, he was still a mess. I walked in the apartment and said what is that? Doc, had a HUGE poster size picture of his father framed and leaning against the wall. (What?) It was HUGE, and it was the picture that was used on the front of the funeral program. (Oh no)

Doc took the poster to work, the mall, anywhere he went. Doc said that he would talk to it because it was just like talking to his father. Doc also had his father’s cell phone and he would call it to hear his dad’s voice on the message. (I need help with Doc)

Finally, I asked Doc if he thought he needed to talk to someone. And he went ballistic. I don’t need help! You don’t care! You should have stayed in Ohio with me! You are always going to pick you career over family! You embarrassed my mother with those wedding invitations (What?) and your mother didn’t even call my mother when my father died!

The wedding invitations? That was three years ago. What was your mother saying to you last week in Ohio? Your mother was nasty to my mother at the wedding so my mother didn’t call, but she sent your mother a check to help pay for the funeral. And your mother CASHED it. I bet you mother didn’t tell you that. Doc stopped talking to me.

By the end of the week, Doc handed me divorce papers…

To be continued…

LoVe Ya,