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GloZell, How is Jay Walking?...

I went to get my braids touched up on Saturday, and a man came in selling chocolate covered strawberries for Mother’s Day.

When he left my hairdresser Ms. All That (that’s what she likes to be called) said that they guy has a H.D.W. What’s that? I asked.

Heavy "D" Walk. (D= Male private part) Then Ms. All That demonstrated the walk. If they walk with feet turned out = H.D.W. If they can skip along feet pointed forward L.D.W.

Ms. All That said, GloZell, isn’t Jay Leno Italian? (Oh no) He has that big sexy chin? (Please don’t ask me) GloZell, how does Jay walk? (Oh Snap!) Jay has a slight limp and…Before I could finish

Ha Ha, Wow! Jay got it like that! Jay has a H.D.W. We knew Jay had it going on! (Oh my) I tried to explain that Jay wiped out on his motorcycle last summer.

About the same time, Orlando Bloom wiped out on a motorcycle. That happened when I first started going to the show, so I don’t know if he had that slight limp before that. Jay plays it off, but I notice it.

They didn’t hear any of that. Ms. All That, and the rest of the stylist want to come to the show to see Jay walk. I will just die!

Ms. All That had her new dentures for two days, she said she would take them out for Jay. (Why would any man want a woman without teeth?)


In line, I met Wayne and Pattie who were the only people in an airport five years ago so they got married. Wayne is a Pilot and Pattie is a Flight Attendant. After being married 6 months, Wayne had a brain tumor removed. Southwest Airlines sent flowers and a gift every 3 months and called every two weeks during his recovery. Great company!

Blaine and Jenn love American Idol. Jay gave Blaine an autographed Taylor Hick CD and a Tonight Show with Jay Leno cap!
It meant everything to him! Thanks Jay!

I also met a Comedian, Dave Basham who is also a Correction Officer.
Dave said he knew Dottie who use to come to the Tonight Show. He told me great stories about her and her son.

Greg, the stagehand. I think it’s great how you are keeping the spirit of Magnum P.I. alive one Hawaii shirt at a time.

Mrs. Debbie (Producer/Cue Card writer/ Model) I liked your hair up also.

I would like my own Joey to pick things that I throw around. Jay can throw anything and Joey catches it. (Props) What did Joey have to do to get his job? Play Baseball?

I think Joey likes my hot body. But like the Inspirational Singer Beyonce’ once said. "I don’t think your ready for this jelly" sorry Joey!

Guests: Dominic Monaghan from "Lost" and "Lord of the Rings". He is an odd fellow. Dominic explained to Jay what was written on his hand. It was the address of where he had to go yesterday. Wash your stinking body before you go on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno you dirty little hobbit.

Jordan, Blake and Melinda the fine three of American Idol. (Next)

Taylor Hicks performed outside. He has a lot of dedicated fans! (Who knew)? John Melendez interviewed some his biggest fans after the show. Taylor has nice thighs and behind. Taylor’s keyboard and Bass player was cute.

Remember, be a nonconformist…

LoVe Ya,