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GloZell is censored again!..

I was called out of line today to talk to the man over the talent for the show. I was told that it would be nice if I didn’t talk about the crew of the show because they are private people. (Fine)

These are the examples he said the executive gave. My blog entitled "Is Kurt Armenian"? And like the time, I talked about Vickie (the singer in the band). He thanked me for taking what I said about her down. I’m in shock because I didn’t know that the executives of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was reading my blog. I didn’t know for sure that Vickie tripped off of what I wrote on my blog.

I didn’t believe that until today. I understand not using Kurt’s name because he is behind the camera. But Vicky, who has been singing in front of the camera for years on a National Television Show, cares what I write? I’m flattered…I think.

It’s NBC and the HNIC (if you don’t know what that means, ask someone who is black) Is being on the front of the LA Daily News bigger than I think? Or does NBC want to nip in the bud anything negative about the show, or is it really Vicky?

If I talk about Vicky, What’s going to happen? (GloZell you don’t know.) De blak pepols is gon met by de tree aftah de show, and figures outs how to mak you git. Des gon talk to de massah and yous gonna git . Des gon mak you git!

I hope she doesn’t think I want her job. I don’t know what to think about this.
I will tone it down. I couldn’t concentrate on what the man was saying because he was handsome. The hair on his head was black, but there was a white hair poking out through the middle of his maroon shirt. And I started thinking about his chest. He looks like he could be a game show host. His hands were so soft.

If I get into more trouble, NBC please send him again. Thanks!

Today is Stephanie's last day. You were a great Page and your off to make Millions!
People I met: Eskasoni Mi’Kmaq First Nation. They are part of the Largest Mi’Kmaq reservation in Nova Scotia. The singer Fergie’s mother is from their Tribe.

I learned some exercises from Inkin the Chief Counselor.

Weiss, Humera, Humaira (AKA You know me) and Ahmad (who didn’t want to take the picture) They are from Virginia. (Bones) inside joke. They said that Conan would be a great replacement for Jay (when Jay retires) because he is so funny.

Julian and David from Fresno California. They were in line since 6:00 AM They can’t wait to see the movie "Shirek the Third". They told me it would be funnier in Spanish.

I was well rested before the show with Emily and Bill from the Grand Rapids.


Jamie Foxx was funny as always.

Jimmy Fallon very funny also.

Why would anyone put Jamie Foxx on a show then make him watch another comedian sing and play an instrument? That was interesting booking.

I guess it was cheaper to have Jimmy Fallon play instead of Jamie. Just put them on different nights. I thought it was a little Hmm….

You book two comedians on the same show, then make the BLACK one with an OSCAR who can SING and play any KEYBOARD go first without performing. So that the BLACK has to move over and watch the WHITE one SING and play the GUITAR. Things that make me go Hmmm..

The Oscar winner Jamie Foxx free lance with the Tonight Show Band.

Have Jamie go first. That’s fine. Just don’t have someone who is too similar, as the next guest. I have never seen two cooks, sports players, animal trainers, guest bands etc. on the same show. ( I hope you read that with attitude)

Peter Bjorn and John was the musical guest. I don’t think the girl knew to sing to the audience. They sang to each other. It was different and strange. It was cool.

Remember; find the truth right where you are…

LoVe Ya,