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GloZell is censored…

Today about four little birdies told me that if I say anything bad about Vicky (The band Singer) Vicky is going to go to Walter (The head man) and get me kicked out of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. So, I erased what I said about her yesterday.

I GloZell will not talk about Erivin. ( Who has worked at the show since Johnny Carson , Vicky, Kevin Eubanks, and Smitty.)? Smitty is the only one I don’t like.

Vicky I hope your album is a big hit and you sell millions of copies. (I know you will) But I won’t be buying one. Love ya…well, I use to.

It takes a "B" to stop a "B" and you win my Queen.

I was hungry and mad sitting outside today. I was sitting next to two girls who loves the band "Fall Out Boy" (The band is having a secret show tomorrow in Anaheim at a club called" Chain Reaction" under the name "Switchblade and Infidelity").

The two girls had a pizza and offered what was left to me. What little pride I had, I put aside and said yes. Right when I was finished with two pieces, the bus stopped and a young, white male, dirty and homeless looking got off and just stood there.

I didn’t want to give him my pizza, but I had two more pieces left. I offered one to him. He was slow to walk over but he took it. I felt guilty and gave him the other piece. He asked for the box and ate the crust from the pizza the other girls left in the box. I didn't fell like being nice. People in line were telling me how nice I was.

At that time, he wasn’t a white person who could get a job quicker than I could. We were the same, hungry. He was somebody's son, or brother. When I looked up, I didn’t see him. It was like he disappeared.

Elder Harris from my church(First Christian Church of NoHo were they film the show 7th Heaven) came to the show along with his beautiful wife Micky. The pages were so kind. They ended up in getting a picture with Jay and getting on TV.

Elder Harris had a classic car that he loved. It was stolen, so it meant a lot to meet a man who loves old cars.

Officer Maxwell today was the worst EVER! He was on the phone when he got out of the car and stayed on the phone while the first thirty people went though the metal detector. At one time, we were so loud he put his finger in his ear to continue his conversation. Then Officer Maxwell went outside to finish is phone call. Some officers think that this is easy overtime and The Tonight Show is a joke.

I’m tired of talking about security. Let Andy AKA "The Hair", or Mr. Confucius or what ever that old Asian guy name is, brief the officers on what they are suppose to do. I’m done. You don’t care, I don’t’ care.

I don’t know how Jay does it every day. With a smile, EVERYDAY!

Bob the warm up comedian is really giving his all. He is trying new things and it’s working, so keep it up. DJ Philand Bob complement each other. They cheered me up. When the show started the mood was a lot better. Jay could still feel the strange energy, it but it would have been worst with out Bob.

Debbie (producer/cue card writer) you looked hot again today. If I had your body, I would show up naked. The lighter colors look good on you. I’m going to figure out what’s going on with you. Work it girlfriend!


Mitt Romney ((R) running for President one day soon) gets my vote because he was hot. His wife was hot. His niece Heidi and her husband Brian were hot. Brian is in the Guinness Book for jumping the highest on a Pogo stick, his website is Mitt’s family was in the outside line. Mitt Romney couldn’t get them on the guest list. They were very nice people. We ate at Acapulco after the show. My diner was paid for by two people who went to the show.

D.L Hughley who is…never mind he is black and I don’t want to get in trouble.

Fall Out Boy was the musical guest; they were wild and fun. They were bouncing all over the place. One looked like a Rock and Roll Jesus. Have fun at the secret show.

My Condolences go to the family of Tommy Newsom who wrote a lot of music for the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Tommy would also cover for Doc Severinsen who was the bandleader when Johnny Carson was the host.

Remember, Be careful how you treat strangers, for you may be entertaining Angels unaware…

LoVe Ya,