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GloZell is a Guest…

Dear Chris Daughtry look-a-like-in a plaid shirt and clip board who is over the pages.

Friday, you were with the nice guy over talent who called me out of line to talk to me. He shook my hand and YOU didn’t. This confirms, what I already thought about you.

When I first started going to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. (Last year) It didn’t take long to pick up on your personality.

The pages always looked out after me getting me the best seat they could. Once a Page told me, you yelled at her for giving me a single seat close up. (She’s gone now)

I asked you how could I continue being on the guest list since the person who put me on for seven months left because NBC was downsizing? You said theirs nothing that you can do. I will have to get someone to put you on the list.

You said one person could get me on the list for only one day a week. So I found five people and I asked if that was ok. You said with attitude, well I guess that will work. No matter who I get, they are ALWAYS denied. So, that’s how I ended up out side all day.

One night I waited after the show to ask Jay. He drove by waving. I think I looked a little scary at night by a tree.

I’m praying for you. I’m praying that whatever issues you have with your mother are resolved because you have this thing against women. It must make you sick to work at the show. All of those women in high positions. They had to fight people like you to get there.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is the most diverse staff I have ever seen. White, Black, Latino, Armenian, Asian, Jewish, Christain, Catholic, Non practising, Rich, Middle-class, Just getting by, Gay, Straight, Lazy, Hard working, Old, Young, Long hair, Fake hair, No hair, etc.

I didn’t say anything because I was always scared that I was going to be seated in the back or kick out or something.

I was outside talking to someone who had six months to live, they asked a page a question and the Page was rude. I didn’t say anything. I talk to someone who was in the service on vacation and the pages would at like they are at a funeral. So finally! I had to say something about the Pages. They are great now by the way. They are great!

I not scared anymore. I’m sure NBC is probably trying to figure out how to get rid of me. So after Friday, I figured speak now or forever hold my peace.

Whether you, the Pages, Ben Affleck look-a-like, Huck Finn look-a-like or anyone else that has to deal with the audience in some way, just remember that we (me too) are guests in your place. Neither I nor anyone else should feel like you dislike them.

You are important to the show, so why the attitude? I’m the one outside looking like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Refugee.
I hope your wife is having a great time with the promotion she got last year…Congrats!

Welcome New Pages!

PEOPLE I MET IN LINE (pictures up tomorrow)

Laurie AKA Jersey Gal who thinks that Jay shouldn’t retire because he is too young and at the top of his game. (Yeah!)
Kelvin and Thara from Ohio who plan on moving to Florida! They love Conan and feel that he can fill Jay shoes. Kelvin wanted to ask Jay,Why the long face?
David from San Diego who was trying do his Calculus.
John the father, John the son, Jess the daughter and mother Mary. They are from Minnesota and heard about me before I met them. (They were nice)

Simon Cowell a judge from American Idol. He looked just like he did on "The Simpson’s". He has a weird haircut but he is still sexy.

Nola Ochs is the oldest collage graduate. She didn’t know who Jay or Simon was. Her degree is in history because that’s what she is. After the show, she told Jay she liked his American Flag pin. I think she knew Betsy Ross.

Maroon 5 was so cute. I loved them. The lead singer was adorable. I just wanted twirl him around like a baton. They had a great sound, look and energy. Loved them.

Remember, attitude changes altitude…

LoVe Ya,