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GloZell is it okay if we don’t do our jobs today?...

Today a reporter for the LA Daily News spoke to me about, Why I love Jay Leno and What do I do at the Tonight Show? Right when we were finished a security guard told him, that he has to be off NBC property. Fine. It’s a little strange that purses and bags are not checked for the NBC tour, but if you are the Press then you have to go. No problem the guard was doing what he was told. Great job!

I see Officer Rojas who is a good cop! Then I see officer "C".

The cop I reported on yesterday Officer "C". I gave him the grade of (D) but that was too high. I’m trying to be nice by not saying his name. No one had spoken to him because he was worse than yesterday.

He had a daughter or something in the audience and he wanted her to be picked to dance for a T-shirt. No Problem. He must not be on duty.

If he’s not duty, don’t stand in front of the audience, talking on a walkie-talkie. He told Andy, the on stage security guard AKA "The Hair" to pick this certain girl. No problem.

Then Officer "C" told "Billy the Toothpick "to please pick this certain girl. No problem.

Then he told Tony the head of security, "That’s her, pick her". Okay they got it!

Then during Bob the Warm up comedian’s act he stops Bob and tell him to pick this girl.

The whole time, Officer "C" is still on the walkie-talkie. He stayed on the walkie-talkie for the warm up and Jay’s whole monologue.

He kept pointing at her and giving her the thumbs up. Over and over. People were looking to see who he was talking to.

I am all for hooking up people that you know. No Problem! Just don’t make a big deal out of it. Was I the only one who saw this?

Tony ( The head security guy) finally told him to just step aside. If any cops are not informed of what they are supposed to do. It’s your fault Tony. Just delegate someone to tell them, then get on them if they don’t. Until then, it’s your JOB.

Hire L.A. Police because they are use to things happening. Burbank Police should work for Disney.

Jeff the wardrobe guy. Why don’t you let Jay do the show without a tie on and see how fast someone will be on you?

Jack and Hank (cameramen) don’t try to film everything it’s okay. No one will say a thing.

Margaret and Franz (hair and make-up) cut half of Jay’s hair and powder half his face. Let’s just see what will happen.

Patrick don’t edit the whole show, just do the most important part. Okay!

Debbie, it will be fun if you just wrote every other word on the cue cards. Cool!
Give your hands a rest sometime.

Greg(who use to cut Johnny Carson's grass and I have no idea what he does for the show) keep driving those Race Cars.

It’s not right that some people ALWAYS have to do their job and others don’t!


I sat next to Debbie and Jeff from Jamestown, Indianapoils. Debbie lived in Inglewood Ca. in 1969 and went back this week to find where she use to live. I didn’t have the heart to tell them they were in the heart of the hood. Debbie said when they were out of their car taking pictures that they didn’t see anyone. I said Debbie, believe me, they saw you.

The 8:00 ticket door didn't open untill 8:15 AM


Ross the Intern. The editing on his piece was terrific. Ross always delivers, so I focus on other things. Ross is the best. I feel sorry for him on Celebrity Fit Club because everyone is so angry and mean. They curse and fight, but not Ross. Ross is a great guy.

Cameron Diaz always talks about burping or peeing or something.(Something's not right) I don’t think Justin Timberlake misses that. Cameron Diaz cracked herself up and had a great time. She is promoting the movie "SHREK The Third". Cameron looked great! Jay liked her hat.

6 Year Old Piano Prodigy Ethan Bortnick was so cute. I thought it was going to be boring but he was so honest and sweet. Everyone loved him.

Nelly Furtado is one of the most beautiful women in the world. (Which is good because I wasn’t into the song she sang ). She looked amazing. Her jeans were tight and she has a little meat on her bones.

Remember, make some progress every single day…

LoVe Ya,