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GloZell, Is Kurt the Camera Tech Armenian?...

Yesterday I reported that Kurt the Camera Tech/Music Critic was a Mexican. Today I find out that he is Armenian. I am not convinced of that. You can’t go picking a race just because no one can tell.

I do have an uncle that has been passing for white his whole life. When he went to get his driver’s license the people thought he was white. His driver’s license says "White Male". He has been passing for white for over 50 years. He had some explaining to do when his wife couldn’t figure out how to comb their children’s hair. He lives in Chicago.(He dosn't know that the family calls him Milk Man)

So back to you Kurt.

Kurt if you are Armenian that would explain your bushy eyebrows. But you are way too good looking to be Armenian. Armenian women are beautiful.

Kurt do you 1. Sell Real Estate or Jewelry?
2. Live in Glendale California?
3. Speak Russian?
4. Have uncles in the family with one eyebrow?
5. Have Aunts who love Celine Dion?
6. Go to a bakery at least three times a week?
7. Do you smoke? Did you start at 12 years old?
8. Do you get your already decorated Christmas Tree for free, because it was thrown out and left by the side of the rode the day after Christmas? Do you take the tree and keep it up for a month?

If you have answered yes to any one of these questions, then you are Armenian.

Today I sat next to Ben R. who brought his own TV to watch. Ben talked about how he loves black women.( He was white) Ben had two black girlfriends named Star and Ruby that he let get away.(Okay)

Up until last week, Ben had an Australian girlfriend who was married to his best friend. They all "got along". His girlfriend drank poison and died last week, so to cheer himself up he came to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno".(I said, Okay) There is so much more, but you wouldn’t believe me. Ben left celery for a squirrel he saw back in February.

I enjoyed the company of Pat and Karyl from California. They are in their late fifties and enjoy biking, running, spinning etc. We laughed all day. I loved them so much!

To Heather a Talent Coordinator for the show. It’s about time for you to move back into your apartment. It took them a long time to remodel after the fire.

"Billy the Cig" I think you must be doing things just to drive me nuts! I thought there was a shadow or lint on your lip. Did you purposely grow some kind of mustache? You had better be in a play or something!

"Bill the Cig" the number one thing you have going for you, is that you have a cute young look about you. Please don’t mess that up, because your personality is all over the place. Nice one day, hate the next day then love. What are you, a Gemini?

The bathrooms in the NBC tour lobby didn't have soap at 2:OO PM today and one of the toilets was stopped up. I will check again tomorrow.

Officer Pan something was good. ( He had about 12 letter in his name )

One of the best officers is Officer "Punky Brewster", she is 4 ft. tall and I'm so scared of her I can't get close enough to see her name tag.


Mathew Fox from the show "Lost". He was cute and zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Mathew Fox has an action figure. If Jay had interviewed the action figure, it wouldn’t have been so boring.

Larry the Cable Guy! Was funny! Larry’s clip of his stupid movie "Delta Farce" was funny! Larry was a little raunchy but he made up for what’s his name.

Feist was the musical guest. I didn’t get the opinion of Kurt the Camera Tech/Music Critic. (You know how those Armenians can be) I thought it was interesting that the pattern on Feist dress was the same as the background behind her.

I like the fact that she is different. Most of the audience came to see Jay and Feist.

Remember, accept things as they are…

LoVe Ya,