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GloZell Loves Orlando!…

First of all I would like to say to the stank, and ugly radio host Tom Leykis at 97.1 FM you are a piece of Poo with Nuts. How dare you talk about my boyfriend Richard and I on your stupid show today!

Watch what you say. The only person I have ever heard say anything bad about Jay Leno is George Lopez, and his show is adios. (That means goodbye) Karma doesn’t care how many kidneys you have. So, get my boyfriend and myself out of your mouth!


Thank you LA Daily News for putting me on the front page today!(LA Daily News 1, NBC 0)

A German guy who didn't know that much English. He kept saying, Eat... donuts Eat! Everyone was scared of him and thought they might be poison donuts. Helpful for future guests - bring individually wrapped treats like..Ho Ho's or Moonpies.

I'm from Orlando Florida, I thought that's what I love Orlando meant. (wrong)

In line I met Karila (15 years old) who had Orlando Bloom Pictures pinned all over herself. And Ana (16) who loves Orlando Bloom also.

Karila and Ana met in line. They got one picture with Jay and got one autograph from Orlando Bloom. They had to fight over who got what because they didn’t know each other.

I met Kelly and her friend Carol who had a tan almost as dark as me. They were at the show yesterday and didn’t like Taylor Hicks so Kelly begged Carol to come again to see a better show.

Carol asked me for my autograph on my picture on the front of LA Daily News. Thanks Carol!

The first time I met Kristal, she was here for the group "Fall Out Boy" and after the show Jay took her and her mom up to, the second floor to meet them. Kristal cried.

Tim and Debbie from Colorado came to the Tonight Show in 1979 and said the NBC Tour was the same today as it was decades ago. They wished they had saved their money. They have been happily married for 31 years.

Steve who has come to the show 8 times, brought me Blogger business cards.


Orlando Bloom from Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End. Tony the security guard had to ask Karila’s mother to please put your Orlando pictures away during the show. Tony had to tell her three times.

Yesterday Tony had to stop a lady from carrying a huge billboard sign for Taylor Hicks. It’s not the kids; it’s the mothers that try the hardest. The hotter it gets the crazier people will become.

Yesterday a guy brought in the studio a piece of his motorcycle for Jay to sign. (All metal in a huge black duffel bag) You should have seen the security guards face when he headed towards the stage. (Too late then) I guess no one gets checked after I’m in the studio. How did he get passed the metal detector? Jay signed it.

NBC does have security driving around and on bicycles. I check the time to see if they are slacking. Good job!

Maria Lark. The little girl from the show Medium. I don’t like to talk about kids but If I had a child who was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno I wouldn’t on my worst day let them dress like that.

I thought Maria had on goulashes but she had on bright blue socks with some kind of pattern on them with bright red shoes. 9 year olds shouldn’t dress themselves for national television.

Maria’s dream came true. She met Orlando Bloom.

My Gym Class Heroes was the musical guest. They were just on the show, so I was glad they did a different song. They are lively and diverse. My Gym Class Heroes sing songs that you don’t want to like but you end up singing anyway.

Remember; use the resources at hand to create something new…

LoVe Ya,