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GloZell the Magificent!...

My vacation is coming to and end! I traveled to Carson Park on Bob Hope Drive. It's right in front of the Ellen show entrance.

One of my favorite characters Johnny Carson did on the Tonight Show was "Carnac the Magnificent".

I am getting my monies worth out of this, Xhilaration extra large bathing suit from Target that does not fit! Maybe you would like to buy a bikini just like mine, click here to get yours!

I figured that it just as easy to tell myself that I'm hot as it is to say I'm ugly. So GloZell is hot! If other people don't think so that's fine. I don't have to join in and bring myself down. Life it way to short! I got a new attitude! Now it's your turn!

I'm just as hot as Tyra Banks!(okay, now you are pushing it girlfriend)
I should go see the top three movies, while I'm on vacation.




I think I got some Pirate's Booty

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno(aka GloZell's Boo) repeat is with Jamie Foxx and Jimmy Fallon. One of the funniest shows!

Jimmy does a political song about a car wash, it's crazy funny!

Jamie's best friend is Johnny Mack who is my friend also. Johnny is the hardest working man. He has a life story that should be on the big screen. I love Johnny with his locks. Johnny works hard and plays hard.Johnny Mack is a incredible writer.

Jamie Foxx is a Gentleman/Ladies Man. I'm sure that he got one or two numbers while he was at the show. Ladies don't think too much of it. Just like a song from the hit movie Jamie was in "DREAMGIRLS" it's "One Night Only".(Okay)


Jamie Foxx was funny as always.

Jimmy Fallon very funny also.

Why would anyone put Jamie Foxx on a show then make him watch another comedian sing and play an instrument? That was interesting booking.

I guess it was cheaper to have Jimmy Fallon play instead of Jamie. Just put them on different nights. I thought it was a little Hmm….

You book two comedians on the same show, then make the BLACK one with an OSCAR who can SING and play any KEYBOARD go first without performing. So that the BLACK has to move over and watch the WHITE one SING and play the GUITAR. Things that make me go Hmmm..

The Oscar winner Jamie Foxx had to free lance with the Tonight Show Band.

Have Jamie go first. That’s fine. Just don’t have someone who is too similar, as the next guest. I have never seen two cooks, sports players, animal trainers, guest bands etc. on the same show. ( I hope you read that with attitude)

Peter Bjorn and John was the musical guest. I don’t think the girl knew to sing to the audience. They sang to each other. It was different and strange. It was cool.