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GloZell needs a Bodyguard!...

Today I met:

In the 8:00 AM ticket line. An old guy asked me if I was the one who asked everyone in line where were they from the last time he was here. (Yes!) His name is Dodger Dave. Dave was the first person to get a ticket to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 15 years ago.
(I don't know what game he was trying to referee)
I met him three months ago in the show line. He and his wife, talked, talked, talked. I told myself what’s the big deal GloZell just listen. They talked about the Dodgers and soup. At that, show his wife Alice started talking to Kevin (the bandleader) during Jay’s monologue. It was funny. Jay had to stop and talk to her.

Dodger Dave said that Mike S. (the stage manager) Bob Perlo (the warm up comedian) and Vicky R. (the singer) are always so nice to him and he has served them all peanuts at Dodgers Stadium.(Dave has worked there for 32 years)(He changed clothes)
Dodger Dave has his attack dog Spike to keep him company. His wife Alice died four weeks ago because of diabetes.

Dave bought a new car three weeks ago. (Okay)

I also met Bob, Barbara, Mathew and Laura Marshall from Montgomery Alabama.
Bob has such an outgoing personality.
Barbara just bought her jacket because she had a tiny bag of sequence attached to it.
The wild bunch were Bill and Philips Sampson from Huntsville Alabama, and Bob and Cindy Fischer from Bloomfield Hills Michigan. They bought me lunch! Thanks.

I also met Rene’e from Antioch California who left her family at Universal Studios to come see Jay. The doors opened early so she got her camera ready just in case Jay might walk outside.I could eat in the NBC bathroom today. It was spotless, and had a nice fresh feeling.
The Page Chris M. was good today.


Pirates of the Caribbean Premier with a new correspondent was BOO! It was boring. I wanted to scream "Bring out an old lady and let her bake a pie"!

Bring back Iron Jay! Let him bake a pie!

Kevin Costner is so good looking. I think it’s great what technology can do. Kevin and his new wife just had his own grandchild.

Kevin’s energy was low. Jay worked hard to make the interview interesting.

I don’t care because in the movie "The Body Guard" he was The Man. I loved the way Kevin’s character (white male) who took good care of Whitney Houston’s character (black female) Loved it.

The only problem with "The Bodyguard" was the fact that Whitney’s character would do a concert then just flop on the bed in her costume, and Kevin’s character would cover her up. Concert after concert! Night after Night!

Whitney’s character never took a bath throughout the whole movie! She didn’t even walk by a bathroom. The only time water hit her stank behind was when she jumped in the pool. I felt sorry for the chlorine.

That’s the real reason why the Bodyguard had to leave, and why her sister tried to kill her. She was funky and they couldn’t take it anymore!

The sequel should be called "The Right Guard".

Jordin Sparks the American Idol winner. Okay white people, the girl is bi-racial. However, the rule YOU made up, is if someone is three quarters black they are considered black. So, we get her! (Yes) Now then, we will give you suicidal Hale Berry, and skanky Mariah Carrie. Thanks.

Daniel Tosh did stand up comedy! Thanks for the break from the unknown rock bands! Daniel was very funny I hope to see him again. Please buy whatever he was peddling!

Remember, be thankful that you can appreciate whatever the day will bring…

LoVe Ya,