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GloZell Takes A Ride...

Henry the mechanic across the street wants me to get over my fear of motorcycles. I don’t know how to ride a bicycle.

Tomas is the smog check guy he loves sunflower seeds and pretzels.

Almost everyday they give me their opinion of my blog. I can’t believe they give me their opinion of my opinion! I told them I don’t need you to do that. They said the Tonight Show don’t need me to it either. (Good point)

They didn’t like Maroon 5 outdoor concert yesterday. They said it was noise for the young people.

Dixie came to the show last week and today brought her mother who rides a bike 5 miles a day in the heat of Gilbert, Arizona. (Show off)Dixie has a son in the US Navel Academy where he has achieved the highest grades possible.

Jaston from Young Rosburg Oregon was chilling in the bushes.

Michelle wants to be a California NBC Page. Her major is Media Production at Quinnipiac University Hamden Ct. Michelle works hard for what she wants. Her parents are so proud. Michelle’s mom embarrassed her by telling me all the great things she has accomplished.Thanks Tony (head of security) who was very pleasant today. Today’s cop was so approachable that people took pictures of him. (That’s Great!)

After being outside five hours the woman's bathroom was overflowing before we walked in the door. Click here for all the nastiness and yes I really did take a photo of it.

Billy the Cig. Your act of generosity was greatly appreciated! Great Job!

Bob the Producer. You looked like Bob the builder in your hat today. Loved It! I auditioned for you for Last Comic Standing 2nd season. I knew it was bad when you rolled your eyes and dropped your head before I finished. A clip of my audition was used for the commercial that ran on NBC and Comedy Central. I was the one who pulled off my wig!


Demi Moore. She looked amazing, as always. Demi had a picture of ex-hubby Bruce, fishing with her and husband Ashton… hmmm. Then she had a picture of herself putting lipstick on Ashton…hmm. I think they are FREAKY SWINGERS.

Judd Apatow had a picture of Jay, twenty years ago. Judd was funny and very inspirational. He was creative and worked hard for years! And it paid off!

Angelique Kidjo and Ziggy Marley was the musical guest. I didn’t understand a tingy ting ting. Angelique who is African got "Happy" and broke into dance. She was the only one not dressed like and African. I thought they should sing, "One Love, One White Guy". Watch the show and see the white Jamafrican.

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