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GloZell, What does it take to be a NBC Page?...

People ask me that all the time. Pages are not ushers or interns. They are paid employees.

You have to be a collage graduate with a 3.0 grade point average. Most of them have majored in subjects like Film, Production, Screen Writing, or Journalism.

They can stay up to a year then they have to go. The goal is to get a job in your field before the year is up. Some get jobs that pay a lot of money and some don’t get jobs at all. (You still got to go)

They are rented for NBC. They work for a company that sounds like "Yo". They are part time without paid sick leave or vacation. My guess is that they get paid about 10-12 dollars a hr. It’s great resume work.

Most of the Pages know someone who pushed their resume to the top of the pile to get the job.

My favorite Page of all times is Tatyanna. I will be very sad when she leaves because back when I was just writing in a journal she was nice. A lot of people kiss up to me because of this blog. (I don’t mind, there is room left, on the right side, under the pimple that won’t’ go away, it’s North–East of my equator).

Tatyanna is tough and fair. She is this tiny person who gets the job done! I think she is the greatest! I pray she gets a job that pays her Millions! She is getting married soon and I wish them all the best!

I will be grading the Pages.

Tatyanna (A+)

Ben (A) (He tries more than anyone, and has a heart of gold)

Scott S. (A) He rocks the outside line!

DeShaun (A) Inside he rocks! He forces us to play stupid games that are a lot of fun!

Rebecca (A) Her big mouth makes us do a cheer before the show! Great!

Stephanie (A) I’m going to miss her. Always nice, with a smile.

Chris (F) You must have a great job already lined up! I wish you well!

There are more Page grades at another time.

"Billy the Cig" (A) You said please and thank you today! Someone even said that the people who work for Jay Leno are nice. (Keep the mustache, it has powers) Everyone was asking me what Oscar your father won. It’s good when they are interested in you.

Police officer today (D) as much as I liked this one. He was on the phone three times while on the stage. Then he took to much time showing "Billy the Toothpick" what girls to pick to dance to get a T-shirt. Buy "Girls Gone Wild, it will last longer" Talk on the phone out of sight of the audience.

In line some lady was talking to her daughter, about the next time she, is going to bring her machine gun, because her purse it’s not checked when you take the tour. (Not funny)

A page told a lady (a few weeks ago) that the bathrooms are closed now and that she will have to wait. She said to the Page I ought to shoot you. She said it more than once.(Nuts) Some of the Pages need a raise, they put up with so much!

The "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" security is going great! It’s the outside cops that just need a reminder that NBC means business.

Two weeks ago Andy (the on stage security guard). AKA "The Hair" stopped a lady who was so drunk and tried to make a dash back stage. Andy ran a got her. She was later thrown out, along with her friends.

With Andy and Bengay(whatever that old Asian guys name is) it's getting better all the time.


Mother Day’s Letters from 2nd and 3rd graders… let’s put aside that there were no black children. Which is strange because if it’s one thing black people love, it’s their Mothers. Okay ! (Can we get a token or something)? The segment was too long. I guess they might edit some of it.

Antonio Banderas is hot! I didn’t understand a word he was saying. He should have been on Telemudo. I almost called a security guard over to interpret.

Antonio Banderas is Sexy, but his wife has done way too much plastic surgery. Melanie Griffith looks like she has been beat with an ugly stick. (They have been together for 11 years). She probably didn’t understand him. He said, Get away!

Brady Barr from National Geographic. You have to watch this crazy man. I still don’t believe what I saw. This man loves crocodiles a little too much!

Aqualung was the musical guest. I was impressed that they all played an instrument! They were good.

Whoever does the sets for the musical guest (A) all of the time.

Remember, If you are not living YOUR life, you are living someone else’s…

LoVe Ya,