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Lindsay Lohan was suppose to be on the show today but she cancelled. Lindsay was replaced by Ricki Lake. Some guys gave me their tickets and left. (Ha Ha).

I met a lot of nice people today.

Vanessa Pralle who went to collage with the NBC Page Rebecca. Vanessa has a boyfriend named Mathew Daniels who is applying to be an NBC Page in New York.

Vanessa’s Grandmother Shirley Shore use to be Dinah Shore’s personal assistant for 32 years. Vanessa’s Grandfather Ray danced and got a Tonight Show with Jay Leno cap.
Well, Grandmother Shirley what you don’t know is that you are going to be a great-grandmother. Vanessa is 8 weeks pregnant and didn’t know how to tell you so she asked me to announce it on my blog. CONGRATULATIONS!

Vanessa you will be a wonderful mother, I’m sure you will get lots of support from your family. You will need it because Pages don’t make support baby money. They do go on to other jobs and make Millions! Send pictures when the baby is born. I will tell him/her that you called him/her peanut.

Other Wonderful people I met today

Jackie who got in line at 11:00 AM, so we took a rest. While her wonderful brother got us sodas.

Billie from Illinois who was an extra on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Billie loves to travel with his sock monkey.

Dixie from NoHo California, who loves her son who, is serving our country in the Navy.
Lou and Marcia Palumbo from New Castle Pennsylvania coming to the show has been his life long dream.

Fred and Frances who said I can eat anytime at their County Line Bar & Grill in Richmond, Texas

My Youth Minister Steven Johnson, his fiancé Alissa and his mother Lynda.

No Cop when we walked through the metal detector. Officer "C" did do a great job inside the studio and wasn’t on the phone. Great Job Tony, the head of security.

Inside I met Paul and his family. Paul said that his wife is the Executive Producer of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Wow! He was nice and his family shared some cake with me.

Before the show, some girls took a picture with Jay. Jay turned and got a second look at this girl’s behind and said wow!


Ricki Lake? Um, okay where do I start? On the Ricki Lake Show, she would always say to her guest " My husband would never do that" or " I would never let my kids act like that" and the audience would cheer. A lot has changed. Ricki was talking to Jay like she was on the Dr. Phil Show. Ricki paid $ 9.50 J-date. Jewish dating service.

Majorie Johnson who is the tiniest little cook. She talks so much and so fast it is always a good time with her. Maybe Majorie can teach Ricki how to cook and she can get a man.
(I’m a genius)

Gretchen Wilson was the musical guest. Who is named Gretchen anymore? She was great, I loved her I am woman hear me roar, but I’m still a lady, who fits in with the guys, but I’m not one of the boys so treat me like a queen, song.

Remember, A baby is a blessing…