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It was the quiet before the storm, Glo…

It was a very quiet morning…too quiet.

Then this family of three was walking by. I said, Are you going to on a tour or to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The mother said, "We know where to go". (Fine) They didn’t know I watch them try every lock door. I didn’t say a word.

All three of them had on shirts that said WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH on the back.
The mother and daughter ended up next to me in line. I didn’t say anything to them. Our personalities didn’t seem to click. And we had four more hours left before the show.

As soon as the next people came up in line they saw the shirts and said we’re sorry for your lost. Then they talked about 911 and how unsafe the country was. The mother starts saying how when she got the call about the VT students how she panicked and how that was the worst three hours of her life. She was loud and going on and on.

The son comes to the line, jumps in the conversation and says " I have friends who knew people who went to VT. (What did he say?)

The son didn’t attend VT nor did the daughter. The mother thought that they could get in the front row if they wore those shirts. (How sick can you be!) The mother walked away to make a phone call. I heard her say that the shirts have made them celebrities.

She also said how every where they go with the shirts on, people come up to them all the time. And just like she said, when people passed by she would tell the daughter to turn around so people could read the shirt and everyone stopped to talk to them.

I was praying that they didn’t get close enough for Jay to see the shirts. They ended up on the fourth row. The mother complained the whole time during every break. All three were rude and evil. The mother was mad at the page Stephanie who was seating people in our section. The mother said I’m going to burn her a new "A hole".

She yelled at Stephanie, but Stephanie didn’t hear what she was saying or just ignored her.


I met Colin Clarke a conductor for the Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra. I also met Dawn and Rick from Akron, Ohio. They love to read the newspaper.

Miguel and Guillermo (they keep the NBC property clean) enjoyed their In and Out hamburgers bought by NBC.

Tony (head of security) It was all good in the studio! Great Job!


Julie Scardina and animals from Sea World. Every time someone brings an animal from Africa, it runs away. Some kind of African weasel or something ran away this time. Julie tried to find it but didn’t. I hope she find it after the audience left.

Bill Richardson from New Mexico who is hoping to run for President. Jay laughed at him when Bill said you don’t need a lot of money to win the election.

Miranda Lambert was the musical guest. Miranda is a little DIVA. She had the NBC tour stopped because she was rehearsing with out her makeup on. Miranda doesn’t allow regular people to see her naked face. She was pretty but her outfit was tacky.

Remember, what does it profit to gain the whole world, and loose your soul…

LoVe Ya,