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Tug of Love, Glo!...

People I met today!
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I met Tug, who wanted to go to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
He was sad when I told his mother Renee from Santa Barbara that Tug was too young.

Tug was 62 pounds now he is 50 pounds. What's his secret?

I met Suzann, Kyle, and Don Shovan, from Texas. Plus their cousin Clay from Louisiana. The Shovan’s wanted to meet Jay and Smitty. They were excited when Smitty sang.
Cheryl Skogen and Glenna Robideaux recognized me from the front page of the LA Daily News. That was so nice. They traveled all the way from Little Rock California.
From the Windy City Chicago, I met Kathy and Vinnie. They love drinking card games. Vinnie let Kathy perm his use to be straight hair. Now that’s love.I took a picture of Yolanda and Paula from Chicago taking a picture of themselves.

I helped this family from St. Peters, Mo. get a ticket. Chris (the mother) Kyle (the son) and Steve (the father) they were so nice. Kyle’s favorite part was when Mike the stage manager counted down to commercial and back. Kyle counted with Mike. In Kyle's eyes, Mike was the star.
On GloZell's Ghetto Tour someone holds our spots in line. I walk my group over to the NBC lobby to use the bathroom, buy snacks, merchandise from the gift shop.

I heard good things about the NBC Page Matt. Great job !


Jay Leno. During Jay’s monologue he said that Meredith is doing an interview for the Tonight show and he meant to say the Today Show. He didn’t catch it. I wonder if they are going to change that before it airs.

Felicity Huffman from the show "Desperate House Wives". She looked smoking hot. Not a wrinkle anywhere. (She has a great plastic surgeon. Give me the number) Felicity comes across as a little dingy but she was fun.

Felicity is in a movie named "Georgia Rules", it must be bad. Lindsay Lohan who is in the movie cancelled and didn’t come to the Show this week. The only clip Felicity had was holding her hair extensions. Okay.

Andrew Zimmern had these slimy eels or worms or something. He never said what they were. They escaped out of the container and Felicity jumped off the couch with a pillow to protect her. Andrew and Jay ate fried chicken feet. Jay passed them out during the break. (Yuck)

Delores O’Riordan from the group "The Cranberries". I love that group. This girl looked sick and pale. I wanted to throw some vitamins at her. Delores looked like singing death.

I really like whoever does the background on the guest bands.

Today’s cop was on the phone during the time my group walked threw the metal detector. (Who cares GloZell?)

John Melendez lost his balance and was falling off the stage during a break. Greg the "Racecar Driving Stagehand" caught him. John fell out of his shoe and landed on one foot. What does John have in his cup?

My Condolences to the King family. Yolanda King (daughter of Martin Luther King) passed away today. I don’t know about California but every black home in the south has a picture of her father.

Remember; do not judge by the color of someone’s skin but the content of their character…

LoVe Ya,