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GloZell Will enjoy her vacation!

This is me with my hat on a rock in my extra large bikini that does not fit from Target. I refuse to buy size 2x.

I enjoyed reading Jay's book "Leading With My Chin". It cracks me up.

I have to break out of my shell. I always wear jackets and try to cover up. I don't have Celebrity Fit Club. No matter what I do, I will always be an before picture. I just can't beat myself up about it. Who cares! Be Free!


Jay Leno loves cars!

My friend Cassey has an 1951 Pontiac which he had for a year before his wife found out.

Watch the animated movie "Cars" by Disney Pixar. Jay Leno plays the car "Jay Limo"!That's great! They captured Jay's beautiful blue eyes.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is still on vacation but the rerun with Will Ferrell is worth watching twice!


The lead singer from the music group "The Flaming Lips" did a bit for the show. I would rather the show bring back "Iron Jay", or someother character Jay use to do.

Will Ferrell did not disappoint. I love him. I love him. I love him. His outfit was tight and had holes in it.I could see his red briefs through a hole in the back. He is so funny. Pleasego see his movie "Blades Of Glory" I know it looks stupid, but it’s a good,stupid, funny.

Sen. Joe Biden… Who is running for president, was so clean and articulate. To bad, he is not going to win. (Next)

Paolo Nutini was the musical guest. I promise I didn’t understand what this guy was singing. I truly thought he was stoned, and speaking another language.I managed to make out something about shoes. The band had a great sound and if they had an interpreter, I would have enjoyed it more.