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I sit outside and I wonder why do I come to the show everyday. I use to have answer. To be a correspondent for the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". But that has come and gone.

Every once and a while someone will mention a Mrs. Miller. She use to come to the show all of the time. I think she started with Johnny Carson. I have never met her.

Last week someone asked if the studio was haunted. I said, that is a strange question. Johnny wasn’t in the same studio Jay is in.

The same day as I was walking down the outside line making sure everyone has a ticket. A lady asked if I knew Mrs. Miller. I said no, but I have heard of her. She said that when Mrs. Miller died that Jay Leno paid for her funeral. I wonder if that was about four years ago? When I came to California.

As I right this, I have goose bumps. I wonder if Jay wanted to say something to her that he didn’t get to say. I wonder if Mrs. Miller had something that, she wanted to say.

I feel like someone wants Jay to know that they are okay and that everyone’s together. Now I hope a penny will slide up my door and I make a clay mess with a fine guy like in the movie "Ghost".

I don’t believe in that kind of stuff, but I’m out of reasons. Jay is a bad mother shut your mouth, if he is so loved in this world that someone wanted him to know that someone will always be looking out after him on this side. (Crazy I know) I hope no one believes this.

I think that Mrs. Miller wants her name on a piece of tape across the place where she use to sit. And she likes the picture of herself and Jay in his dressing room. When I see everyone doing there jobs especially the security, it’s bitter sweet because I feel like my time must be coming to and end. Jay is taken care of. Jamie it’s okay when you cry at your special place. You are loved, always. And they are proud of you!

Maybe my mind is just playing with me. Well hopefully Jay Leno is not mad by this blog, if any one tells him. Just think of it as a nice thought. That’s what I’m going to do.

I don't want any money from Jay Leno, and I don't have to be on the show, but if I could get on the guess list, I could work and still go to the show. If I ever accepted either one from Mr. Leno or The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, then Jay would never believe that my intentions are for good. Thanks!

Debbie (Producer/Cue Card writer) I am jealous of those tiny jeans you were wearing today. Everyone noticed. You looked great yesterday and today. I will find out what is going on with you.

I sat next to the coolest young Asian people. David, Cindy, Shirly,and Christina who are from Edmanton, Alberta Canada, Eh. They love NE-YO.

Officer Adler was good today. He looks just like John Tossel from the show 20/20.


Can you impress Ed Asner? The first two people were horrible. The last lady who was 90 years old, was so good I jumped up to clap for her. Ed was flirting with her.

Thomas Haden Church from Spider-Man 3 was funny. The clip from the movie looked intense

Elsie McLean is 102 years old and hit a hole in one playing golf last month. Elsie was cute!She doesn’t eat vegetables and doesn’t like doctors.

Ne-Yo was the musical guest. He had a clear voice. I understood everything he was saying. Ne-Yo had his eyes closed during most of the performance.

The funniest people on the show were well over 80 years old.

Remember, you are as young as you feel…

LoVe Ya,