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For Glo's Concideration...

This is my last pictures of me at Johnny Carson Park.

I had to get a good grip on the bars.

I watched a lot of television this week. I'm glad Elizabeth(the young one) is leaving "The View" she scratches all the time. She needs a cream, lotion or something for her dry behind skin. I bet GLADD is glad she is leaving!

I watched "Your LA" on NBCit's a very good show. I just can't wait for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to come back from vacation.

I feel like I'm their (NBC) Noisy Black Child, they didn't want, but has anyway!

Congratulations to Debbie V.(Executive Producer) for being condidered for a nomination for an EMMY! That's awesome! It's for my favoite "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" show. The BORAT AND MARTHA STEWART episode! I told the LA Daily News that that was the best show of all. I will tell all that I know to vote for you! Congratulations Debbie in advance.(I will start looking for a dress for the victory party)

Tonight's rerun is a great one. Jack Black can talk about anything and make it funny. Jack sings a song that he sings to his baby son. It's a fun show.

Sanjaya from "American Idol" is so tiny. He just smiles and takes up space! I think Sanjaya, his faux-hawk hair, and his singing only sounds good to him in the shower.

It was kind of sad when he got kicked off. (Not)


Ross the Intern. I love him! I can't wait for him to have his own show! Ross always looked good, but now he feels better due to Celebrity Fit Club, so watch and support.

Jack Blackis funny! I think he was high. He always looks like he is ready to take amug shot. If he washed his hair I wouldn't recognize him. I love his new show"Acceptable TV" and his music band Tenatious D.

Sanjaya whois very cute and becoming more gay, gay by day. He is off American Idol and wants to work in showbizness. Well, when he is completely gay, and if he's Jewish he could write for the Tonight Show. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

The musical guest was Ok Go. They are a fun band. The back ground looked like red devil fingersblowing behindthem. It helped take away the fact that nobody knew the song.