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Glo Cholo it’s your B-day…

On the Pumpcast from last week, the first guy is my friend Richard from my church. He is a caretaker of his wife. Richard can play the piano beautifully. I was so happy to see him on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

New TV in the Guest Relations lobby! Thanks!Where my dog at?
Bailey, the dog that goes to my church (5:30 service of course) drove by to check on me. He was later pulled over for a DWD, Driving While Dog!
Where my Gators at?
Kappa Sigma’s Thomas and Beau were in town for Matt and Karin’s wedding. They all graduated from UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GO GATORS! That’s where I graduated. I told them about how I thought Jay loved U.F. because of the message he gave at the Gators pep rally "The Gator Growl" at the SWAMP my first year.
Beau is a second generation Gator. His family laughs at his father Roger because he has late night down to a science. First Jay’s monologue then click to Dave’s Top 10 then back to Jay with out missing anything.
Where my Cholos and Cholas at? John and his ever so perky wife Erin, brother Jr. and cuz Maricela. They are my homies. We chill in line waiting for J to the Leno.
Jay’s monologue was off the chain funny!

Where my West Side Canadians at?
Kal, Raj, Vruti keeping it real in the Leno line.
Guests: John Edwards and wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a better woman than I could ever be. She has cancer and gets treatment, while he gets high price hair cuts. Elizabeth is helping her husband become President. God forbid, but if I were she, I wouldn’t help him so he gets into the White House and I’m sick or dead then he finds a Monica or BROWN Rice to play with.

I would haunt his behind! God forbid. John's all good looking and tan and she looks like his mother. I pray that she is truly doing what she wants and not doing this for him. Elizabeth is a great woman or stupid one. I’m going for great! Time will tell!

Where’s my B-Day boy… I mean Man?
The Gators, Joseph and Carrie from Indiana plus Brandon who turned 21 today! His mom Go get em Vickie and Big Daddy Tom are from Texas they ae going to party in Las Vegas. We all sung happy b-day!

Guest: Maz Jobrani a Middle Eastern comedian. He was the funniest guy to do stand up on the show, since I’ve been coming. I still wouldn’t trust him or his family on a plane,Okay. But in the safety of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno studio that is on the ground…very funny! Alla is so proud of him!

Whitney and James love the "Red Jumpsuit Apparatus".
Guests: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was the musical group. They all had this rock hair that they flailed around, except the lumberjack looking one. The lead started off with this weird dance. At first, I thought he was "special". They have great fans.

Where my colored’s at?
Meagan BROWN, Lynn BROWN and my sister from different parents Lindsey GREENE were on the guest list by the RED Jumpsuit Apparatus.

For some reason Bob Perlow the warm up commedian was standing at the exit causing a backup to get out. It was funny. Everyone was shaking his hand. I guess he wanted to talk to his fans. The bit with him and Jack the #1 camera man is funny!

Hey! How did Jim a Florida State "Seminole" Grad get in the picture?

Remember, Gators are # 1…

LoVe Ya,