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Glo Day Mates…


Debra Moore, (Her son got married Saturday at the Beverly Hills Hotel. A hot dog cost 12 dollars, and a hamburger cost 25 there.) Ruby Ford, and Diane Canning. Teenager Elizabeth Ford didn’t want to wake up or come to the show.

She sat far away from her family with her teenage attitude. She will NOT be traveling with them again. Elizabeth was very happy when she got a picture with Jay. Jay is bringing white families closer together…Ahhhh Thanks Jay.

A family of seven didn’t have tickets to the show and asked if I would help, so I got them some. They were grateful. AARON, Susan, Kathy, Nancy, John, Les, and Jeremy.

Jay was kind enough to come off stage to take a picture with them.


Dear Tonight Show with Jay Leno,
The next time Terry is on the show (In three months on a slow Wednesday as always) Please have something for him to do that is believable. Terry is not an actor, so the bit about him having a girlfriend who he met at Wal-Mart, planted in the audience didn’t work. The flask planted in the couch before the show, while we were in the studio, didn’t work. Terry kept putting it back into the couch.

Have Terry on with a woman, any woman. He will flirt, and keep the ball rolling. Or have Terry on with Martha Stewart or someone who is going to bake or do a craft. He will cause havoc and make a mess, which makes for a better show.
Thank you.

Shia La Beouf was cute. He turned 21 today! He is in the movie Transformers. Maybe he can transform Terry’s outfit into something that matched! Terry had on a blue jacket, lavender shirt, red tie, gray pants and black socks and shoes. Maybe he did meet that girl at Wal-Mart.(Okay)

Charlene and her mother Arnella loves Terry Bradshaw. They were in my ghetto VIP section. (Two seat cushions)

Arnella saved her husband John from a bear in their yard in Eureka California. Arnella said she is going to send me something in the mail.

James Morrison was the musical guest. James looks like the Ratatouille version of Shia La Beouf. James has a great sound. I bet his album is good.

Tash and Alasdair who live in Australia, enjoyed the show but are die hard Conan fans. I will try not to hold that against them.

The Special Olympics passed by the show today.

Tomorrow my boyfriend Richard has put up with me for 10 months, we are going to celebrate tonight by going to a Jazz Club.(Pictures up Thursday, I hope)

Remember; make the world your research center…

LoVe Ya,