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Glo Glo Dolls…

In the 8.00, AM line I met Bobbie Timberlake who husband the Late James Timberlake is a cousin to Justin Timberlake’s Father. Ergo Justin is Bobbie’s cousin-in-law. Bobbie said, I must work for the Show because there is no was that I have been coming for a year without pay or something… (People have hobbies!) Bobbie was very nice and bought me a corn dog.

In the later line I met Kim who loves Wonder Woman, Vampires and has A.D.D. Kim said that she is not a groupie for the Goo Goo Dolls she is a Professional Fan. I asked, What is the difference? A groupie follows them and sleeps with the whole band. (Oh)

I asked her, does she want to be with any one in the band? She said, No (See, she just likes the band, nothing sexual, so ha)…well it depends, maybe the lead.(What?)

I met some people from the Movie Company VIVID. The guy asked me if I have seen their movies. I didn’t want to tell them that I’m not a movie person, so I said, Oh your movies are great! He said, the girl was a Star. She was pretty but I didn’t recognize her.

In line today was Bonnie Blue McDaniel from Alabama who was on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1982. She sang "Up in the Holler where the Cow Bells Ring". She had a paper where The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson had given her four meals at Tony Romas.

Bonnie showed everyone in line, and the Pages. Bonnie interviewed people for the Bonnie Show. Before the T. S. show, Bonnie said that she was a little dirty and took a sponge bath in the NBC lobby bathroom. Andy AKA "The Hair" stopped her from going on stage.

Bonnie told me that maybe Jay Leno would marry me. (What?) I said, Jay Leno is HAPPILY MARRIED to Mavis for 27 years. And I have a GREAT boyfriend.

Bonnie said, why do you come here, because Jay’s cute? I wonder, do people think I want to marry Jay Leno? That’s Crazy!

If a guy showed up at my work everyday…, just to watch me… I guess… I would think that he might... want me I guess…

I do like white guys, especially if they have gray hair…

I wonder if Jay Leno thinks I want to marry him? No, that’s crazy! Jay Leno thinks I’m Crazy! THE WORLD THINKS I’M CRAZY! People tell me all the time that I’m nuts, and I'm wasting my time at the show. I didn’t think they thought I was after Jay.

I wonder if I subconsciously want to tap that? Do I want a piece of Leno tail?

This is why people go to therapy! Is this what this blog’s about? I’m a Blog Tramp!


I missed Debbie/cue card writer/producer. I hope she gets well now!

The monologue about Paris Hilton going back to jail and Jay Walking was hilarious. I feel sorry for Paris but it was funny.

Steve Carell from the movie "Evan Almighty". Steve is so delightfully funny he told gross stories about his children who will one day pay him back for what he said on national television.

Kenny Smith. A tall, rich, bald, black guy, who plays basketball and has a hot wife. (Whatever) Kenny said that his wife works for the show "Price is Right". Kenny honey, The "Price is Right" has ended. If your wife is still going to work, she is playing more than PLINKO. (Okay)

The Goo Goo Dolls are all men? The lead singer is pretty hot. (Shut up, GloZell the Blog Tramp) They were great! What I love about being outside, is that Jay is so close and...oh never mind.

Fans of the Goo Goo Dolls. (Pictures later)
Alex and Karly from Sacramento CA.

Christina and Emilia from Oakley CA.

Kelly Walker and Lori Walker. They don't get along but both love the Dolls.

Teena who is Native American

Remember; explore your unconscious…

LoVe Ya,