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Glo is Fami-Lee

In the 8:00 AM line, I met four young teachers from Ohio, Sara (7th grade math). Heather (High School History), Dawn (H.S. English), Andrea (H.S.Math).White Men Gathering. I think there’s going to be a change for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno line. This is the second time I’ve seen…White Men Gathering. They work for NBC and they have been looking all around.
I met Amy her companion Aaron who said that he was
"King of the Universe" I don’t even questions things
like that. I enjoyed them; they have a beautiful
personality. I bet people are drawn to them.

White Men Gathering also caused the alarm to go off in
the NBC building. The bike security guard was passing
by. He stopped and checked to make sure everything was
fine. Great Job!

The car security was on time today also. I wave every
time he passes. Just to let him know I’m watching and
checking the time, every time he comes by. On time
…Great job!

Guest: Ross Mathews Intern. Funny! LoVe him!

Nancy Lee and her husband Jake, along with their two
sons Rich and Josh were kind enough to bring me a copy
of an article about me! Nancy cut it out of The World
Harold in Omaha! I just couldn’t believe it. That was
so nice of them. Thanks!

Naughton who is THE MASTER TECH. for the show has his
own show every day 7:30AM to 8:00AM. it’s a really
good show. LoVe Him! His bike seat was way too high.
It owes me dinner.

This Velvet Revolver fan said that The Tonight Show
with Jay Leno
is fake, Jay is a PUPPET who just reads
cue cards. Jay is not interested in his guest and not
paying attention to guest because he has to read
questions that are being held up. Jimmy Kimble is a
better host, and you can quote me.
Hmm… mister Velvet Revolver fan, I’m glad that you
were willing to sit outside with your own chair for
over three hours. This is your fourth time to the
show! To my surprise, I saw you laughing at the
"PUPPET". It was sweet of you to tell strangers, that
they had bad seats just because you didn’t get the
seat you wanted I saw you ask for them.

Thank you for saying that you want a least 200 of your
mexican family members to show up tomorrow and get all
the tickets so I can’t continue my streak. That’s a
lot of work for a show you said is fake. Is your nose
growing? I think it is. Geppetto loved Pinocchio. Who
pulls your strings? No one? That’s okay. Keep coming
back to the show maybe you can get real.

Guest: Dr. Phil looked really great. His outfit was
cool. He talked about Paris Hilton. I hope he does a
show about puppets and the people who are jealous of

Tomorrow is my 200th show and Tammy from Thomasville
Georgia’s Birthday. Maybe she will come back!

Every age enjoys the lemonade that is given out before
the show.

Guest: Leslie Mann from the movie Knocked Up was so
funny. She seems to be a terrific lady.

Today is Aaron the Page, last day. He has a great job
in the field that he loves…MUSIC. You are a great
person; I wish millions for you!

Guest: Velvet Revolver was off the chain. They were so
good. Larry did a great job on the background set.
Slash and the drummer Matt pass by the group in the
hallway before for the show! Way Cool!

The stage manager for the show. Congratulations on
your beautiful baby boy, and I love your hair pulled
back. You can see your face. I didn’t know you had an
earring. You pirate you!

Theresa (who just graduated from High school) and
Ricky are REAL Velvet Revolver fans.

Please don’t have us stand in the three lines for more
than a few minutes. IT’S AFRICA HOT! The row against
the wall is dying in the summer.

I am SO thankful for the NBC Angel who left a picture
of Jay with a car so that I can put it up at Bob’s Big
Boy! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I will talk to
the manager there, so I can have a dedication of it
Friday, July 6th during the car show! I’m so dramatic.
This might be the closest thing I get to a red carpet
event. It will probably be just my mom and my self but
I will dress up! Thanks!

I will put my braids in my stockings and have a great
night sleep now!

Remember, there are puppets and there are dummies…

LoVe ya,